View Full Version : How do I change my name?

08-04-06, 01:42 pm
I was wondering how to change my username. I had a look in the account options, nothing. Please help!

08-04-06, 02:36 pm
We have to do that for you. What do you want to change it to?

08-04-06, 02:45 pm
I would like it changed to Pigs4All. Thanks.

08-04-06, 10:19 pm
Your name has been changed.

08-05-06, 05:15 am
Thanks all.

11-15-06, 07:40 am
That is awesome that you can change it! So in the future if i do not still like this i can too?

11-15-06, 09:43 am
We prefer you change it sooner then later. Once you are estabilshed and people know you around here a name change can be confusing.

11-17-06, 02:52 pm
If it is not too much trouble, I would like to change my log-in name too. I didn't realize it was going to be used as my permanent name on the site so I used my full name instead. Not safe. Would like to change it to Kimik if possible.

11-17-06, 03:57 pm
Name change is done.

01-18-07, 07:46 pm
I requested a name change a while ago, but now I can't find which thread it was on...and since I also have a problem not getting all of the email notifications, I don't know if you ever answered, Ly.

Can I re-request it now, please? I'd like my username to be: SoCalCavies.

Also, not getting notifications has been really hard. I must be doing something wrong. Do you only get notifications if you START a thread? I would like to get them when someone responds to one that I have also responded to. Is that possible?

I'm sorry - I know you're busy.

01-18-07, 10:43 pm
I will change it tomorrow. I will email you when it's done.

For subscriptions, go into your profile and see what option you have for receiving notifications. It's under "My Profile>Edit Options".

01-19-07, 04:45 pm
Cool. I'm thinking of changing mine.

01-20-07, 05:35 pm
Ellen you've been around too long. Usually we only change newbies names.

02-07-07, 12:43 am
Could I please change mine? I am kinda new here since recently being unbanned and no one knows me so it wont really make a differance.
If possible I would like it changed to my real name. Nicole.

02-07-07, 02:36 pm
I will have to speak to the other mods about it. Not everyone on the forum are newbies. There are still some oldies around too. You've been a member since Nov 05 and have over 300 posts so it's doubtful you will get it changed.

02-09-07, 09:59 pm
Ly, since I'm still new can I have my name changed from Pookiespiggy to Pookiespiggies? I will be adopting a new Guinea Pig when a sow becomes available in my area. I don't know when that will be cause I'm a patient person and don't mind waiting for the right buddy for my girl to become available. I don't want to be a member too long and not be able to have the chance to change then, also. I'm in no hurry so when you find the time.
Thank You

02-09-07, 11:23 pm
Pookies-Since you are still a newbie and you aren't changing your name completely, I will do it.

Macayle- the mods discussed it and you will not be receiving a name change as you've been a member for too long with over 300 posts. Sorry.

02-10-07, 01:39 am
Ah thats OK, I understand. Thanks anyway though.

03-08-07, 01:20 am
Um... I made a typo when I typed in my username.
It's meant to be guineapigfan9000, not 900.
That is my username for other sites as well. Could it be changed?
Thanks! :)

03-08-07, 09:19 am
I'm changing it now.

03-12-07, 11:46 pm
Could mine possibly be changed to Lindsey? If its already been used/I can't get it changed I'm fine with that. Its just that my name is Lindsey and I don't really like signing my messages. I don't have that many posts and no one really knows me yet.

03-14-07, 02:23 pm
Sorry Catzeye, your request is being denied.

03-19-07, 08:43 pm
Okay... May I ask why? I asked before I made those two threads. Still no body really recognizes me.

03-19-07, 09:57 pm
Trust me, people know who you are under your name that you have now, changing it is going to make things more confusing, especially for us mods. You've been a member now for a couple months. We already have 2 or 3 Lindsay's/Lindsey's on the forum. Another is just too confusing.