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07-31-06, 07:34 am
Has anyone been able to find cubes anywhere? I've checked Big W, KMart ($50 for 6!!) and the Reject Shop..

I'll check Bunnings on thursday and really hope they are still stocking them.. does anyone know anywhere else (VIC)?

07-31-06, 07:51 am
I've only ever seen them at Big W and The Reject Shop.

Big W they are $15 for 4 cubes (16 grids), at the Reject Shop they are $30 for 6 cubes (20 something grids)

As far as I know Bunnings no longer stocks them, but you might get lucky and find some

08-01-06, 01:43 am
OmG!! gud news evry body!! (brisbaners) i found HEAPS of cubes at bunnings warehouse at Oxley!!!! theres HEAPS there!! they r wite and they're 5 for $8.50 wich is gr8!!

32 Blunder Road Oxley


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08-01-06, 06:31 am
My friend rang bunnings today and they definitely sell them :) thankfully! Just so everyone knows..if you are planning any expansions to your cage stock up as I think they are the only place that sells them now (apart from Kmarts super expensive ones).