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jump it
07-30-06, 09:46 am
After we finish up our food and hay I'm going to move on to Oxbow. I've heard great things about this company and am willing to try it now. So I searched the website and am unsure of what to get:
Here's the link to the site ---- (http://www.oxbowhay.com/link.sp?page=products)

I have 10 and 4 month old girls with no medical conditions, etc.


jump it
07-30-06, 01:47 pm
No one? Boy thats a shame.

07-30-06, 02:06 pm
From my understanding (please feel free anyone to correct me if I'm wrong) they need the alfalfa based one until they are 1 year old. Then you start feeding them the timothy hay based one.

07-30-06, 02:07 pm
What are the medical conditions (in case that makes a difference on what to feed them)?

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07-30-06, 02:19 pm
I said that they have no medical conditions.

07-30-06, 02:26 pm
-10 pound bag of Cavy Performance
-10 pound bag of Cavy Cuisine (for when they are old enough for it. The CP will probably last long enough and then you have the CC for the switch on hand)
-At least 25 pound of Timothy Hay or Orchard grass
-9 pounds of alfalfa to suppliment the CP pellets while they are young.

That's what I would get if I were ordering and had GPs at those ages.

07-30-06, 03:28 pm
I know you live somewhere in my area since you adopted from Have-A-Heart. I buy my oxbow from Country Pet Specialties in the Lebanon Plaza in Lebanon, just incase you didn't find a store near you that carries it. They have great prices and carry a lot of oxbow products.

jump it
07-30-06, 03:52 pm
Thanks fourwabbys. It's about 15-20 minutes away so we'll see.

jump it
07-30-06, 03:52 pm
Oh and I think I'm looking at buying Cavy Performance and Timothy hay.

07-30-06, 04:15 pm
I said that they have no medical conditions.

Sorry my eyes are getting old and they left out the word no on me. Evil eyes.

08-06-06, 02:19 am
Hay and Feed for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas (http://www.americanpetdiner.com) also has hay.
I used to feed Oxbow years ago,well for awhile, but quit because my chinchillas wasted most of it. Too many stems and too old for their taste,imho. The Timothy Gold hay from APD is awesome. All leaves, no stems hardly, the chins GOBBLE it up. As do now my Cavies and Rabbit.