View Full Version : It was a hard weekend.

07-24-06, 03:49 pm
This past weekend I lost three of my animals. Most of my animals are ages range from 10-17 years.

This weekend I lost Runt, a 15 year old cat. The name says it all. He was the runt of a litter, he was sick and so small. His owner decied they had too many cats, so he grabed the mother and dumped her in the woods. I found homes for all the others but kept Runt. He was a wonderful cat and a big baby. I will miss him terribly.

The other two were my rats. They were brothers going on 3. Someone dropped them off in a box at the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. They made their way to me as abused 6 mths olds. They died within days of each other, not being able to be apart I assume. Their cage is next to the computor by by GP's. I will miss them coming up for treats as I sit at my computer.

I feel so sad today. Don't want to do much of anything.:weepy:
Thank you guys for being here and knowing what it feels like to lose one of your babies.

07-24-06, 03:54 pm
I'm so sorry Suzi. Hugs to you. Try to take it easy today.

07-25-06, 12:46 pm
Gosh, That is a tough weekend.
I am so sorry to hear about your lossing that my pets at one time.
Please take care of yourself.

07-25-06, 01:13 pm
I'm so sorry about you losses. I too lost 3 pets within a week a couple of years ago. My big ol' Great Dane Stanley of liver failure. Then my rabbit Peach and then a few days later his buddy Marshmallow, who he was strongly bonded with, died.

I thought I would go insane from grief and the inevitable guilt that it was somehow my fault. I'm certain you must feel how I did.

I wish I could tell you that the pain goes away--but it doesn't. You get used to it and learn to "wear" it, like you would learn to wear a ring.

My sympathies and empathy in this difficult time. Rest well little ones.

07-25-06, 02:54 pm
I'm so sorry to hear, Suzi.

My Baby Mu
07-25-06, 10:09 pm
I am so sorry to hear that Suzi.

07-26-06, 08:25 pm
I'm so sorry. You did a great job taking them in and giving them a life they otherwise couldn't have. Take care, we're all here to talk.

07-27-06, 03:05 am
Suzi what a horrible weekend you had. I hope you are feeling a bit better. Your little 'Runt' was so lucky to have lived with you. I have heard that ratties will pine away when one of a bonded pair dies. That is so sad.

07-27-06, 04:51 am
Oh no, how awful, it is bad enough to lose one of our loved ones, but 3 - you must be distraught, my heart goes out to you.

07-27-06, 08:54 am
I am so sorry for your loss. We all know that they new love in your home, try to focus on the good times you had with them.

Take care;

07-27-06, 09:08 am
How awful for you - I too am so sorry to hear your sad news. You gave them all a good, and loving home - a happy life. Sending comforting wishes for you. RIP little ones.