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07-19-04, 04:59 am
I'm starting to think I live in the land of cats and dogs. The hay I got from the pet store looks suspiciously like straw to me. There is nothing green about it and I doubt if my guinea pigs get anything from it except fun. I have found a pasture hay made by the RSPCA. I've ordered some (the guy at the petshop couldn't get it through his head that hay should be .....green) so I'll see how it goes. $7 for 2kg so I can't really lose. Just frustrated that I don't seem to have more of a choice.

07-21-04, 06:45 am
It is lousy to see the dry, dusty brown strands that pass for hay in many pet shops. I always get my hay from farms or places that sell horse supplies - it's always of infinitely better quality and is also heaps cheaper. Good luck with your new source - hope it's soft, sweet and green!

Emily F.
07-26-04, 04:04 pm
Hi, How do you get hay from the RSPCA??

Lots of Love,


07-26-04, 05:55 pm
I am in Australia so if you're overseas it might be a bit hard. Here in OZ you can usually get it from Big W. I got my from an online pet store called Petsworld.