View Full Version : Seeing locked threads?

07-23-06, 10:20 pm
For some reason, the past few weeks I haven't been seeing that a thread is locked - i.e. the 'padlock' icon doesn't show up on it. I can see that it's locked once I go in to read, but I just found it odd that I can't see it outside the thread itself. It's the same in IE, firefox, and netscape.

Is this a known issue, or was it changed reciently? It's not too terribly annoying, except sometimes I'll be reading through a very... hmm... lively post, and have something I want to add, *then* notice it's closed. :)

*edit* Woops! I think I put this in the wrong area... sorry!

07-23-06, 10:33 pm
I noticed that too. I think some other setting, new or number of posts, is taking priority. I'll look into it over the next couple of days.