View Full Version : Changing cages around

07-21-06, 09:36 am
I currently have a 3 leveled 3x4 cage with a pair of pigs on each level. The bottom level and middle level both contain support grids, therefore taking up space. The ones on the bottom level don't get as much light and interaction as the ones on the top. I was thinking that I could swap cages around each week, so one week I will have my two girls on the top level, then the next week they have the middle, then the bottom, then the top again. Would that stress them out? The cage is the same size each level but it will smell of the other pigs.

Any ideas?

07-21-06, 03:30 pm
Rachy, If you move the pigs about on cage cleaning day they would have a fresh cage each time. Mine are quite curious so they get all excited when they have a change in life.

07-22-06, 11:16 am
Are they all girls? I would say go for it, my boys love when I re-arrange, my girls just put everything back in its spot. If they are girls and boys, I wouldn't, the smell of the girls would make the boys crazy.