View Full Version : Guinea Pig Jungle Jim

07-17-06, 06:21 pm
I don't have a camera so I hope I can describe this to you well.

I used 5 grids to make it.

I bent two grids into sort of a rounded L pattern. The long edges I have facing out. I moved them as far apart as I could and laid another grid on top and connected it on top of each tunnel. sort of ^ ^ connected on top.
then I put two on top like ^ but so that the pigs can run up the long side of the bottom grids like a short ramp. Then I put a frozen tile on top with a washcloth rubber banded to it and fleece so they could climb the ramp.

That gives them 3 tunnels running east and west and an upstairs going north south. I put food upstairs and I hung a ball that holds hay from the peak so they could play with that. Even my sedentary pig had fun going from tunnel to tunnel. It was fun to watch. Then they got tired and took a nap one on top of the tile and one underneath it.

08-11-06, 04:42 pm
I dont understand?