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07-17-06, 05:11 pm
:weepy: Becky was the first cavy I owned or should I say that owned me. She was bought at petco with a combination of my son's and daughter's christmas money two years ago. Prior to Becky I had always thought cavies were mean vicious animals loaded with all kinds of disease. How wrong I was. Becky changed my opinion of these sweet loveable animals. She had such a loving personality and although she had to rule the roost, "Queen Becky" as everyone called her she was always ready to love someone up. We aquired a black fuzzball named angel when she was very young almost too young and the other piggies would pick on her, that is until Becky decided to adopt her. Now Angel is almost full grown and is an accepted member of our clan thanks to Becky. I cannot express the loss and hurt I feel at Becky's passing, each day seems worse than the one before it I miss my little razorback girl with everything I have and would have given everything to change things so she would still be here with me. I prayed to God to save her then cursed him when she died but maybe just maybe he needed her more than I did. I'm not questioning the almighty or his infinate wisdom I just wish he would share his reasoning with me. I have never hurt so bad. Becky I love you and miss you. I always will I promise you I'll never forget. God be with you Becky. It feels like he abandoned me.

07-17-06, 05:16 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. Sleep in peace sweet Becky.

07-18-06, 03:15 am
Sometimes, these things just need to happen, with or without reason.
The best you can do is look over your time with Becky, and remember the good... learn from the bad. She'll always be alive in your heart, as long as you remember her.

Stay strong! I send out my condolence.

07-18-06, 05:23 am
Im so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace becky.