View Full Version : Winnipeg pigs

07-16-06, 08:08 pm
We are very curious to see if there are more pig lovers on here from Winnipeg. It seems like every other city/state and or province is represented on here but ours. We have also bee looking to see if there are pig lovers groups here that share stories/interest/questions and have outings. When we first got our two pigs, we had so many questions and were wondering if there was a pig community, as we needed it when we had to put one down. We have since found a second. Just wondering if there is a club in Winnieg.

07-30-06, 09:43 pm
Hello fellow Manitobian!

I've waited so long to find someone on this forum from Manitoba. I'm not from Winnipeg but I live an hour away from the city. I have yet to find a person who is interested in guinea pigs, never mind a cavy community or rescue. Let me know if you find something, it would be interesting. :)