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07-16-06, 08:41 am
I know what you are going to say once I tell you the story. Yesterday my husband took me to Petco to get some more things for my guinea pig cage. We went to look at the female piggies. I found this cuddly little brown and white short haired pig. She was a doll. So much so that she even won over my husband (who isn't a huge petlover). She was fine last night when I checked on her before bed around 10 pm then this morning she was no longer with us at 7:30 am. I didn't even have her for 24 hrs. She was a very sweet girl. I feel so responsible like I did something terrible wrong.

07-16-06, 11:07 am
Well a lot of us learn the hard way the many reasons not to buy from a pet store. That is one of them. I'm sorry you had to suffer through it to learn this lesson though. Remember buying from a pet store you risk getting a sick, dying or pregnant cavy. You also support breeding which is dangerous. 1 in 5 sows die giving birth. Many breeders don't take the proper care of their pigs. If you want proof look at this thread:http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18812. So even more die. And then the breeder support the overpopulation problem, so pigs end up in shelters homeless and many get put to death. So by buying one pig from a pet store, not only may that pig die but many others as well by supporting the deadly breeding circle.

I know it's hard. There is a pet store I monitor here in Mt. Pleasant. I go in once a week to make sure they are not selling sick animals and that everyone is fed, if not I report them. Just this last week I saw three cavies there in separate aquariums, all loosing hair with scabs. Again I confronted the management. They said they are being treated and that their vet has given them the okay to sell. They were on sale because their were a defective product. My heart wanted to buy all three and take them home and make them better and then find them good and loving homes. But I knew I could not. If I did then they would have won. More pigs would be bred to take their places and more pigs in shelters would suffer.

I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hope you learned your lesson, but it is a lesson I wish no one had to learn. I wish that there wasn't an overpopulation problem. I wish every breeder and pet store was responsible. I wish there was no need for private rescues and humane societies. But this is not the world we live in. By buying from pet stores people kill animals.