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07-15-06, 05:22 pm
I have had Ollie for about 2 months now, and whoa has he gotten big! My question is, can piggies become cage aggressive/protective? Ollie used to let me reach in and out of his cage to change toys/fresh foods dish, but lately he has been "guarding" these items and if I reach around him or over his head, he will jump at me with his mouth open. He has almost gotten me a few times....what has happened to my sweet little piggy? He also bites alot when taken out of his cage for lap time, and he bites kind of hard, not just love nips. Its gotten to the point where I wait until he is sleeping to change things in his cage, and I am not taking him out as much as I used to because I am sick of being bitten!

I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but I have just started a job where I am away most of the day, my mom still takes care of Ollie but she isnt comfortable taking him out of the cage. So, lately he hasnt gotten much out of cage time. I dont know if this would cause him to start biting and acting aggressive.

07-15-06, 06:26 pm
What type of cage does he have? Perhaps it is too small and he feels as though he is backed into a corner and needs to defend himself? My pigs run from my hand, but if Ollie has no place to run he would resort to biting. Also what does his lap time consist of? I only have one pig that is good for lap time. I have two young boys who have too much energy to sit still for long. I also have recently rescued a pair of girls who have never been regularly handled and don't know what to make of it yet.

Here's what I do to make lap time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for them:
-Buy a cheap pillow that will be just for him. Make sure it's washable.
-Have lap time in a quiet and calm space, not in the same room as the cage (if they can see the cage they try to get to it in my experience).
-Give him his daily bit of carrot during lap time so he looks forward to it.
-Once he finishes the carrot or starts to squirm put him back in his cage.

This method is working very well for me. Also during floor time I sit in their pen and hold their floor time veggies, if they want them they have to come up to me. These veggies are in addition to their regualr cup a day of course. And once they grab them they can run off with it where ever they please. This helps get them used to my pressence.

07-15-06, 07:40 pm
Thank you, that is great advice. His cage, after browsing this forum, I know is too small. I thought I was being kind to him by buying him a large store-made cage built for rabbits, but it looks small in comparison to some of the palaces on here! So that could be the root of the problem. Lap time I usually make a pen in my room (sounds like it is similar to yours) and I actually do have a pillow that I let him snuggle on. The only problem with lap time...I sit in the pen with him and he walks up to me and bites my toes and legs. Does this mean he doesnt want me in the pen with him?

07-15-06, 07:48 pm
Well cavies experience the world through tasting things. Mine tend to nibble on anything to see what it is. Mine a scaredy cats so if I jerk they run away, it sounds like your boy is brave though. I don't think he doesn't want you there, he just wants to know if you're edible. One of my boys is a licker, he likes the taste of the salt on people's skin. So to Olie you just might taste good. My suggestion is wear long pants and slippers so he can't nibble on your legs.

07-15-06, 08:36 pm
If you are gone all day and you realize that your cage is too small can you try doing what I did until my hubby built my C&C cage for me?

I made a large pig pen out of the grids. I laid one of those plastic things you cover your furniture with on the floor and then I covered it with newspaper and I put an old worn out sheet on top of that. I used the grids to hold it all down. I put in some food and some water and some hidey holes and things to play with and just let my pigs roam all day. I put them in the cage at night, cleaned up and put them down in the morning.

Not to sound dumb, but what does your mom have to do to take care of them while you are at work? I mean your gone only about 10 hours aren't you? Maybe she is scaring them or something. Just let them roam and play on the floor.

07-18-06, 10:02 pm
thanks again for all of the advice.

Not to sound dumb, but what does your mom have to do to take care of them while you are at work? I mean your gone only about 10 hours aren't you? Maybe she is scaring them or something.

She just gives him his hay and veggies and checks on him during the day, she likes to sit and talk to him and listen to him 'week' at her as well. I dont think she is scaring Ollie, I think PiggieMom hit the nail on the head by saying he is 'brave'...he is very very bold. Thank you for your advice on cage building, I will see what I can do about this situation!