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07-15-06, 05:38 am
hi i am a guinea pig breeder and successful shower of them i breed and have teddies rexes abbys all my pigs are of a good standard and range from 12 only, i would love people to visit my website it needs finishing but holds alot of pigs for sale and photos

Breeder website removed.

please visit my site and leave a message in the comment board and sign my gueatbooklol

thank you

07-15-06, 05:54 am
This is an ANTI breeding and ANTI showing site, I assure you that nobody here will appreciate you being a breeder or someone that shows their pigs.

07-15-06, 10:50 am
This website is run by a rescue. As Lucy said it is ANIT-BREEDING and ANTI-SHOWING. Cavy Spirit has to deal with the horrors of overpopluation because of people like you who decide to breed.


Read over those links and ask yourself if it's worth it. Is it worth risking your pigs lives everyday? Is it worth making a few bucks while condemning a pig in a shelter to be homeless or even be put to death? The answer is obvious to me.

Percy's Mom
07-15-06, 10:51 am
Like Lucy already pointed out, this forum is ANTI-BREEDING, ANTI-SHOWING, and very VERY PRO-RESCUE. Do not post another link to your website on this forum.

You may not have had a chance to read the forum rules yet. Please do take the time to read over all of our Policies and Guidelines (http://cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&a=7). We want you to get the maximum enjoyment and value from our forum. Proper posting is a firm requirement here and helps us keep a high standard of readability. We require posters to use proper capitalization, punctuation and avoid chat speak. We ask this in part because this is an International forum and we have many members that do not use English as a first language. Improper writing can be difficult for them to read.

Thank you very much for your attention to these details. We look forward to your continued participation.

07-15-06, 02:20 pm
What the hell is wrong with you? You come onto an ANTI-Breeding, PRO-rescue website/forum and start advertising your guinea pigs for sale. Do you people read nothing when you join here???