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07-15-04, 08:36 am
When i take my GP out for floor time all she does is just sit ther or go to the dame spot and yelp, not sure on what to do, she is out alot my saughter takes here out all the time. Can they be out to much

Need come input my first GP and not sure on what to do

07-15-04, 09:14 am
well what do you do when your all by yourself.its pretty boring for one guinea pig to be out.You should get another guinea pig it'll spice up your pigs life by at least 200% :) then you'll see some action.

07-16-04, 10:03 pm
Do you have lots of stuff out to keep the piggy's attention? With our boys, we always make floor time interesting by putting down a few tunnels (just bent cubes), lots of ice cream containers upside down (for them to run around), A brick and a small plastic square basket with treats on top of them, and lots of timothy cubes to chew on. This always seems to keep them busy!

Sometimes if there isn't enough on the ground, they will not want to play, also, a wide open space is a bit scary to some, so it is a good idea to keep different things or obstacles in their area. If there isn't enough around for it to feel safe and occupied, this could be why your baby is just squeling and not playing.

Hope this helps

Good luck!