View Full Version : PETA news for sports fans.

Percy's Mom
07-08-06, 10:52 am
I get the PETA newsletter and found these two articles that sports fans might find interesting. Every once in a while, some positive veggie news is nice to see.

http://peta.org/feat-nbavictory.asp?int=weekly_enews - NBA going to synthetic basketballs.
http://www.goveg.com/f-topballparks06.asp?int=weekly_enews - Top 10 Veggie Friendly Ballparks

07-08-06, 12:08 pm
That is huge. Baby steps and the world is slowly becoming a better place to exist in.

07-08-06, 05:56 pm
Too bad the baseball park in San Diego is still PETCO PARK. :(

07-08-06, 06:59 pm
Baby steps, but looking good!