View Full Version : child's pool?

07-14-04, 11:06 pm
i was looking at a site and found a great idea for a cage, which incorporated a child's wading pool and two underbed storage units http://www.aracnet.com/~seagull/Guineas/OurGpigs/condo.html

i wanted to incorporate this design with some c&c, and as of right now i just have the child's wading pool and one rubbermaid container(which is what my pig was in before, i know i know! far too small, but i was so naive before this site...) anyway, i now have him in just the wading pool until i can get more supplies, but i've noticed NO difference in activity... is he just a shy and/or lazy pig? what would help this? aside from another pig, which i'm going to get him as soon as the new cage is finished... thanks for any help


07-16-04, 10:11 pm
Is there lots for him to do in there? I noticed when I put my first boys into a bigger cage, they didn't do much at all. Once I put their two igloos in and attached a wooden tunnel to the side. They began to run around everythinng like crazy! I find with my guys when they are in a more open space, they like to have things placed more in the center so they can run completly around it!

I think the pool is a great idea!

07-16-04, 10:53 pm
yea its true i think about running around things they like better.Mine rearrange all the pigloos to the center and run,Even in floortime they do that.Kinda weird huh :).my bunnies are totally different though they like to jump on things and try to jump out of the 2 grid high cage lol.For some reason though i cannot upload the photos :s.

07-17-04, 07:38 pm
hahahaha! oh my god, my girlfriend just taught my pig to kiss! it's so adorable, she's like "gimme kiss zodie! (short for zodiac) and puts her face into the cage and he runs up and nudges her lips, it's so good!

haha, just thought i'd share.