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07-07-06, 12:11 pm
hi everyone!
I think my guinea pigs cage is sort of colorless and boring. She has a lot of toys and stuff in there but I just wish her cage was more exciting. I really like all those colorful hamster cages they have- with all the neat built in playgrounds and stuff. I saw they even have themed cages now: space, princess etc. Does anyone have any iddeas for me to upgrade my current cage to a cage more like this? thanks a million!

07-07-06, 12:17 pm
There is all kinds of way to make your piggies cage more colorful. My grids are white with a few red. What makes my cage so colorful is the fleece. I bought very colorful fleece. Their pigloos are colorful and their toys also. I also change out their toys to give them something different every now and then.

07-07-06, 12:28 pm
I went into your gallery to see what your current cage is looking like, but there are no pictures.

This is my advise without seeing your cage setup.
Get fun fleece, make a upstairs with a ramp (the pigs love to run up and down these and they are grea excersize). Wood bird toys with bells are enjoyed and add great color, cuddle cups have lots of color along with hammocks. I use those fiddlesticks in the doorway of my kitchen area and they are extremly colorful.

Maybe you could look around at others cage's to get somemore ideas that you like.

07-07-06, 12:31 pm
You could use wallpaper border along the outside of the coroplast...

07-07-06, 12:48 pm
Here is a link to my piggies cage, so you can see the colorful fleece.

I don't remember how to attach pigtures...sorry!:confused: