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07-07-06, 06:35 am
I just finished a C&C 4 level cage for my 3 rats last night. I was able to find purple wire mesh grids on clearance at Shopko and bought 2 boxes. The holes in the corners I covered with binder clips so my girls can't escape. And my husband used just a straight stiff wire for holding the doors shut - it's very simple, effective and easy to use. The doors are hinged on with more wire.

I had one rat (her cagemate died), then I adopted two a few days ago. The rats seem to enjoy all the stuff to do. I'll be adding a few more items to the cage soon. I found some bird shelves that will work perfectly. My rats also like the "hidey hut" in blue at the top of the cage. It's triangle shaped and has a firm base on the bottom. It's for birds but makes a great napping place for a rat.

I'm sure I'll find improvements to make (like making the main floor more clean looking), but I was just excited to show it off.




07-07-06, 07:50 am
It looks awesome, I'm sure the girls enjoy it! Is that coroplast on the shelves?

07-07-06, 07:57 am
Yep, the shelves have little coroplast boxes on them. I would've made one for the base but we're trying out the pan first. I think I might have to make a base anyway since they seem to have fun digging in the corners at the bottom. I found some shelves for birds at Drs Foster & Smith that will work for more levels in here. When they come in the mail I'll clip on some coroplast and put them in the cage, too.

07-07-06, 09:13 am
Very nice! Please post pictures of it in the gallery.

07-07-06, 01:44 pm
It looks great!

07-07-06, 02:56 pm
wow that looks really good.

07-07-06, 03:35 pm
Beautiful cage! We may be getting a couple of rats soon and I would love to make them something like that. I really don't think the pet store cage we had for our previous ones is large enough.

Can I ask how much those mesh grids cost? And do you know if they're available online? I did a search for them one time but was unable to find anything. And where did you get that wire? Very clever idea for the doors. :)

07-07-06, 05:15 pm
The mesh grids I got were on clearance for $12.99 for 17 grids, and I got 2 boxes. There are a few grids left over. I hear Linens N Things will carry them when the school season things start showing up. I think those were more expensive, $19 or so for the same number of grids. The only place I've seen them online is at the Linens N Things Canada store, but they won't ship to the US.

The wire is picture hanging wire, I think.

07-07-06, 11:16 pm
$12.99... wow, that's a really good price! I wish I lived in North Dakota. :) Is the clearance sale still going on, or did you get these awhile ago?

Thanks a bunch for all your help!

07-07-06, 11:23 pm
That's really nice! If I ever adopt ratties, I just might steal that design!

07-08-06, 07:08 am
I just got them last weekend (7/1) so they should still be on clearance if your local Shopko still has them.

07-09-06, 07:39 am
CORRECTION: The hinges and stuff we used to attach the tubing is picture wire. The "locks" for the doors is piano wire. You can probably get it at a hardware store.

The rats are having a great time! They look a lot happier than when they were just sleeping in the cage adopted them in.

07-09-06, 02:12 pm
I checked online, and apparently we don't have any Shopko's in Florida, so I guess I'll just have to wait until Linens N Things has them. Thanks again for all your help! I really may have to copy that design. :)

What size cage would you recommend for two male rats?

07-14-06, 08:12 am
I may be getting some more rats and was wondering if anyone could tell by looking at it if my cage is big enough for 7 rats total. I was only going to adopt 2 more, for a total of 5, but there are of course more cute ones than I anticipated. I'd say the base is about 28"x14" with three 14"x14" shelves and three 13"x7" shelves (not pictured - just added). 56" tall. There are some adult female rats in the photos for a size reference.

07-20-06, 06:28 am
Seven rats in there would be too many. If seven rats were to try to get on one level it would be impossible and that is how you determine the size of the cage. I personally think even five rats in there will be tight.