View Full Version : Is this ok?

07-06-06, 08:10 pm

I was wondering if 2x4 ok for a medium rabbit that has 2-3 levels?:confused:


07-06-06, 08:23 pm
From what I know, a 2x4 cage is what I currentley have. It's having 4 squares long by 2 squares wide. I don't think it means levels but I could be wrong.:confused:

07-06-06, 08:43 pm

What I meant about 2-3 levels is sort of having 2-3, 2x4, stacked and connected

07-07-06, 02:24 pm
That's fine. But if you can go even bigger, that would be better. The more room the better.

07-07-06, 03:45 pm
Remember when you build your cage that rabbits like to stretch up on their hind legs, it's important for their physical wellbeing. So when you build your levels don't create too much of a vertical maze for them to climb up through. What they do like is shelves to lie on. So in a 2 x 4 you might want to put a 4 x 1 shelf in, or a 2 x 2 at one end. Don't forget you have to be able to access all areas for cleaning. In my 2 x 4 which is 2 grids high, I have a 3 x 1 corner shelf at one end, and have also added on a 2 x 1 litter tray extension on the bottom level. Remember also a roof may be necessary as bunnies will jump out.
Hope that helps.

Slap Maxwell
07-08-06, 04:53 pm
I have a 2x4 with two levels for my rabbit, and I only suggest it if the rabbit is totally free range. Otherwise it needs to be bigger.