View Full Version : Where is everyone getting these Chubes?

jump it
07-05-06, 04:52 pm
I have seen these Chubes or tube things in alot of photos. I like them lots and so would my pigs. Where do you get them? Because I can't find them anywhere! :?:

Percy's Mom
07-05-06, 05:36 pm
Chubes are really a waste of money. They come stuffed with this bedding fluff that is dangerous, so you have to throw it away, plus they are really expensive. If you want a tunnel for your pig, go to the grocery store, buy a canister of oatmeal, eat or throw away the oatmeal, cut out the bottom, peel off the label, and you have instant tube. All a chube really is is a cardboard type tube dyed with vegetable dye.
Chube = about $5-8
oatmeal container = $1.50-2
Either one will eventually get chewed to bits.

If you want a more permanent tube, go to the hardware store and buy 4" or 6" PVC pipe fittings and short lengths of tubing or the black drainage tubes that are about 4" in diameter.

jump it
07-05-06, 05:43 pm
Thanks PM! I just went on Petco and they were $6. What a rip off! I'll just have to put my "creative" mind to use. ;)

07-05-06, 05:44 pm
I just used shoe boxes that I have laying around. They're the same thing, a tunnel. I cut sides off and flip it upside down. Or popcan boxes work really well too!

Percy's Mom
07-05-06, 05:50 pm
I'll just have to put my "creative" mind to use. ;)That's really the key. Don't think that pig toys have to come from an expensive pet store. They like a paper lunch bag of hay or a soda box just as much as a Chube. Try stuffing an old sock that you lost the mate to with hay or bedding instead of a stuffed animal. I get almost all of my toys from alternative type stores. My cage mirrors come from auto part stores. I've found tons of things in hardware stores and grocery stores.

07-05-06, 05:56 pm
The dollar store is a gold mine. Go there and get inspired.

07-05-06, 06:00 pm
I have a chube but threw away the fluff inside after I noticed the girls trying to eat it and I didn't think it looked safe for them to do that. I agree it's a waste of money, I put half a soda can box in there and all three climbed in and slept in it and ran around it better than the now abandoned chube. Plus if they pee in the box I can toss it, the chube is more costly. I like the oatmeal can idea, I'll have to try that.

07-05-06, 07:11 pm
Your right about the bedding inside. It's bad for them to eat. I don't know why they even put that stuff in there. I'd rather have a tube stuffed with hay if I were a pig.

Percy's Mom
07-05-06, 10:42 pm
Percy's front half went missing once like that. I filled an oatmeal cannister tube with KM's bluegrass hay, and he dove in head first.

07-06-06, 05:12 am
We use the cardboard tubes that come inside rolls of carpet. They're about the same diameter as PVC pipes but more environmentally friendly and easy to saw to the right length. We use offcuts of PVC pipe when they're outside.