View Full Version : No cubes, now what??

Wilma Kirsten
07-04-06, 01:39 pm
I so badly wanted to build a c&c cage, but had absolutely no luck in finding cubes with grids in almost 6 different stores. Is there any suggestions of where I might find or what alternative I can use thats not going to cost a fortune and still be easily deconstructed and restucted if I wanted to remodel. Like I said, there isnt anything close to the cubes except the bathroom shelving which I found extremely costly, because i wanted to use it as an alternative. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, I really only want the best for my piggies!!:confused:

07-04-06, 01:50 pm
You can buy cubes online at Walmart.com, they are I think $15 and $12 shipping which isn't too too bad if you absolutely can't find anywhere else.

07-05-06, 04:40 pm
Here's the link:

07-06-06, 09:55 am
You can also use wire closet shelving for cage sides. Your local home supply store should have it and they will cut to size.