View Full Version : Windchimes=DANGEROUS!

07-03-06, 07:17 am
Foreveryone who got the idea of getting windchimes I extremely advise you not to. Rocket got the top of the cilindar ( 5.5" high 1/3" wide) stuck in his mouth and the string wrapped around his tooth. He got all jumpy and wouldnt stop squeaming. I had to carefully un wrap it. I'm lucky because he's fine. But I advise you and myself to not use metal wind chimes.

If your pig loves the wind chimes (like mine). GET WOOD ONES!

07-03-06, 08:06 am
Just out of curiosity, what would be the difference between the two that would make wooden ones safer? Aren't they made the same way? Not that I have seen too many wooden wind chimes.

07-03-06, 08:11 am
No, wood chimes usually don't have cylindar chimes. And they are held with a thicker string most of the time, wood is good to chew, and it's too thick to get wrapped around their teeth.

07-03-06, 08:17 am
Ug! You are talking about the chimes that are like little pipes right? He got his tooth inside the pipe part?

If that is what happened then luckily mine are solid bars (not pipes).

It's good advice and a warning though. I do suggest that the hollow pipe ones not be used as it is a possibility for a tooth to get caught inside.

07-03-06, 08:21 am
No, I have solid cylindars. He was shewing the top and did a popcorn, then the pipe got stuck in his mouth and the string wrapped around his teeth. He squealed and jumped trying to get it off.

07-03-06, 08:22 am
Thanks Tipi as I have still not found them at a $ store. VJ you are right and I hadn't thought about it, there are some of the tiny ones with solid cylinder pipes.

Tipi, how is Rocket doing now? Has he calmed down?

07-03-06, 08:26 am
I guess then that if we use them they should be hung up high enough so they can't possibly get up near the top of the chimes.

07-03-06, 08:26 am
I picked him up and gave him a little TLC (not fixing up, just calming down). I hand fed some hay as a peace offerring and he fell asleep on my lap. So I think he is calm and fine with me now. I checked his mouth, and the teeth are in line and his lips are fine. So I have nothing to worry about in the future! :)

VJ: most guinea pigs can reach the top of their cage, even Rocket can, so I don't think that would do anything to help. I still suggest wood chimes.

07-03-06, 08:28 am
I am glad he is fine. That could have been so much worse.

07-03-06, 02:46 pm
Do what I did. They pulled of the strings quickly, so I replaced them with twist ties. They can't undo them, and they're too thick to get caught in their teeth.

07-03-06, 02:52 pm
Good idea FourW. I forgot that you did that.

07-03-06, 02:56 pm
Thats genius! I think I may get some twistie ties at the local grocery store. Thanks!

07-03-06, 03:02 pm
Your welcome :) Just a tip, bend them around a lot before putting it back in the cage, so they're more pliable and swing freely.

07-03-06, 10:06 pm
I'm confused. Why are there chimes in the cage? Do they play with them?

07-04-06, 07:52 am
I'm confused. Why are there chimes in the cage? Do they play with them?

Yup! :-)

07-04-06, 03:50 pm
Never thought of that, will have to get some for my spigs.

07-04-06, 03:51 pm
You will have to make it piggy safe, because I showed exactly what happens.

07-04-06, 03:53 pm
I'll hang them directly from the 2nd floor without the fancy bits. They can't reach them there.

07-04-06, 03:55 pm
Well, it's no fun if they can't reach the chimes. Just replace the strings with small zip ties. Take off any small pieces, and hang it from the bottom of the second level.

07-04-06, 04:02 pm
I mean so they can't reach the top of them like yours did but so they can still bop their noses on them when they want to play. I must admit, i could see them playing with them and being amazed for hours. They're easliy amused. The other day one of my paper origami balls in my room fell from the ceiling into the cage. When i discovered it again it was mostly chewed, played with and eaten.

07-04-06, 04:19 pm
I got some parrot windchimes today. They are made of metal and wood. The chimes are solid and are attached by metal links. The wood is just for them to chew on. Spencer LOVES his new toy, he chews on them like their carrots or something. It surposed to be for parrots but what the hell!