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07-02-06, 12:44 pm
Don't want to cause trouble or anything by posting this; just thought I'd let people know - even though most here disagree with much of what he says - Peter Gurney died on 30th June.

Slap Maxwell
07-02-06, 02:47 pm
Oh my gosh. I hope his pigs find good homes.

07-02-06, 07:03 pm
Heard about this yesterday and was sad to hear. His pigs were all fostered out when he fell seriously ill.

07-02-06, 07:05 pm
That's too bad. Although not all of his info was correct, he did care greatly for his pigs.

07-03-06, 07:18 am
I was really sad to hear that he had passed away. I think he is a great inspiration to people like us who want to improve the lives of GPs and all animals.

07-24-06, 08:20 pm
My thoughts go to his close friends and family at this time. I find that alot of his info in his books was correct but that don't matter now.

07-25-06, 12:21 am
His final book was focused on his personal life rather than the care of Guinea Pigs. He mentioned his battle with cancer in his last book and had been sick for a while before finally losing. I was surprised to hear he died on June 30th even though I knew he was sick.

07-27-06, 08:24 am
I learnt a lot about guinea pigs by reading Peter's books, though as mentioned not all he wrote I agreed with...But that's life.

I was very disappointed in the book he wrote about breeding guinea pigs, never bought it, just browsed through it. Felt that it encouraged and condoned breeding ( as if some people need encouraging) but then he bred guinea pigs himself, so I believe?