View Full Version : Happy Canada Day !

07-01-06, 01:36 am
Just wanted to say happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians out there ! Have a fun day .

07-01-06, 09:39 pm
Yeah, Canada Day, living in Little Portugal in Hamilton Ontario. Day that they win yet another game with the world cup! It was a sea of red with car horns honking and flags waving... But not Canadian...

**sigh** At least they left the Flag Capes at home for the fireworks and just wore the T-Shirts! :) I hope for their sakes they win this silly thing! :P

07-01-06, 10:58 pm
We had a great day here , my 3 year old daughter won first prize in an egg and spoon race ages 3- 6 . She was so proud of herself . She won a new barbie set . Also I found out that I am not the only guinea pig owners in my town anymore . A new family , whom I met today told me they have 3 male guinea pigs also . I was so excited to finally have someone to share some info with in person , not to mention that another person is now aware of this site . I can't wait ,monday I am going to go see her piggies .

07-02-06, 08:46 am
WoW! I just noticed you are in the far far far north! It must be very different up there!

That is amazing she won that race, at 3 years old, she was definately at a disadvantage!

And that is pretty exciting about the piggy family. I have not met any local piggy owners other then those I meet here. Unless I am forgetting someone, I think I might be... hmmm...

Anyway, have a nice weekend!

07-05-06, 12:38 pm
Sorry guys I never check this part of the site, but Happy belated Canada Day!

07-09-06, 03:02 am
We had great fireworks. We started to a get a fork-lightening session in the middle of the fireworks. A new twist! Here's to a great country!:love: lol