View Full Version : Cage Problem. I need LOTS of help/ideas!

06-29-06, 12:30 pm
Okay, heres the deal, I currently have my 3 piggies in 2 petstore cages. I wasnt supposed to have 3, but they are all sisters, and it was either i took all 3 or they were going to let the other 2 go. So i ended up with 3. I have the supplies needed for a C&C cage, but I am not allowed to make a larger cage in my room. My parents said the only way I could build one would be to put it in the basement. I live in a 1 story house, so 2nd/1st floor is not an option. I begged them to let me put it in the living room/my room, but they are convinced that a 2X4 will take up to much room. Do you guys have any ideas? Could I keep them in the basement? I would be willing to do anything for them down there. I could buy a heater to keep it warmer, I would go doewn there all the time, etc. I REALLY need your help. Thanks!

06-29-06, 02:44 pm
Do you have bunk beds? I have seen were someone put there C&C cage on a bunk bed( take the mattress and box spring out of course). You get one the pigs get the other. since it is up in the air it shouldn't be a problem. It woudn't take up anymore room than your bed.

06-29-06, 02:58 pm
I don't know about the room you have in your bedroom, but putting it on a table will give you all your floor space. You can get a 6ft. folding table at Lowe's or Home Depot and build on it and store the pig stuff underneath. It makes a huge difference over having the cage on the floor. It will not take up anymore room than the 2 cages you have on the floor (I assume) do. Ot looks nice and neat and you can even make a skirt to go across the front of the table for a finished touch.

Other than that, move into the basement yourself! Is it finished?

06-29-06, 03:28 pm
I like both of your ideas, but i dont have a bunk bed, and my room is very small. It would take a miracle to even fit a 2X3 in here.