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06-29-06, 10:58 am
I noticed some of the following links showing up in the 'sponsored links' portion of the site.
http://www.lotsofpuppylove.com/labradoodles.html (breeder / designer breeds)
http://wildhoghunttexas.com/catalog.htm (hunting for profit)
http://www.cagesbydesign.com/ (commercial cages which are by default too small)
There were others, there was another labradoodle breeder and some others which are detrimental to animals.

Another that just showed up: http://www.dupagecountyfair.org/ (horse show / livestock auction)

06-29-06, 11:41 am
My options of advertisers that I would really, truly actually approve of that match key words on this site: guinea pigs, rescue, adoption, etc. are few. I'm sorry if you find them offensive, but there is a different way of looking at it. However, I cannot really go into it as I don't want to violate Google's terms of service.

06-30-06, 07:50 am
I noticed some of the following links showing up in the 'sponsored links' portion of the site.

If you don't like it, pay the woman! If enough members subscribe to the site, then maybe Google ads would not be needed!

06-30-06, 11:16 pm
I must admit, I found this ad a little amusing. I thought I clicked in the reply box, but instead I hit a google ad, and wound up greeted with this:

Welcome to ThePigSite.com - the website for the global pig and pork industry

Not exactly the kind of "pigsite" I am usually interested in! ;)

07-01-06, 10:10 am
I clicked on a link for a "new breed of cavy" it sent you through pages of links and at the end there was no picture just where to send your money. lol

07-04-06, 08:00 am
Well the money has to come from somewhere. Just do not click the links and you do not have to see any of the garbage on the other sites in which you are protesting against.

07-05-06, 11:19 am
Do the advertisements pay on a (1) per-click basis or (2) per-view basis? Unless the answer is (2), which seems doubtful in this day and age, those adds are not doing their job in that they won't generate income.

I know that when I pointed this out on another site -- porn site adds were coming up on a site for discussing children's TV shows -- the operators were able to filter those specific (inappropriate) advertisements out so they didn't come up anymore. In theory, that filtering not only got rid of the inappropriate adds but it also increased the effectiveness of the adds which meant more money for the site. An offensive add appearing 1/30 times may not seem like a big deal, as it can simply be ignored, but then consider the subconscious tendency to avoid things which might possibly offend oneself, or have been known to offend oneself in the past.

I don't know the technical details of google adds other than that they are 'targeted' adds based on the content of the page they appear on -- one can demonstrate this by noting that certain adds will appear repeatedly when viewing certain threads.

Can't say much else, just trying to make a suggestion that's all.