View Full Version : The guinea pig village

06-29-06, 01:37 am
Someone told me about a German website for piggie cages, where I found this photo. How cool is this? All that's missing is a model railway!


Dr Doughnut
06-29-06, 02:24 am
Now all we need to do is emulate outdoor conditions and place it in a giant room....

Nice encloser

Becky cavy mad
07-11-06, 11:27 am
Is that pond serparated from the piggies?

Percy's Mom
07-11-06, 01:05 pm
Cute, but what website is that from weta? You need to credit the people who took and originally posted the picture. Did they say on the page that you could repost their pictures without their permission or giving them credit?

07-11-06, 01:17 pm
Hosted on a different site but it originates from this one:


Nice environment, pity they breed them.

07-11-06, 11:24 pm
Percy's Mom - the source is embedded in the photo. I take your point about the IP issue though.

07-12-06, 12:02 pm
Oh that is purty but do the pigs like it. I give mine a cardboard shanty town. They love it. Humble and poor but their is food an water aplenty.

07-27-06, 04:26 am
Oh wow.. they have lots of space! lol How cool is that, a little guinea village!

08-14-06, 12:20 pm
Oh that is so cute!