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06-28-06, 09:53 pm
I want to put a picture of Kori in my avatar. Well I went to my profile and found the place to upload the picture and made the picture 80X80 and it keeps telling me my picture is too big. :sad:

06-28-06, 10:06 pm
Your picture probably has too high of a resolution (high quality, too many pixels). Try using the "save it to the web" option and it should reduce the quality and fit.

06-28-06, 10:29 pm
I tried saving the picture to photobucket and then uploading it like that and it still says it is too big.

06-28-06, 10:36 pm
You don't need your avatar saved to the web. It will load as a Jpeg. In Photoshop, when you save, it should have a "save to web" option (or something like that). Use it, save it as a Jpeg, and it should work.

06-28-06, 10:40 pm
I dont have photoshop. I have paintshop and I could not find anything that said save tot he web. All it said was save, save as or save copy as.

06-28-06, 10:42 pm
Look around in paint and see if there is a way to reduce the pixels. Either that or make it smaller still.

06-28-06, 10:43 pm
I looked around and didn't find anything I also made the picture 40X40 and it said it was still too small.

I give up. Thanks for your help though.

06-28-06, 10:46 pm
I went back and looked again and found it. ;)