View Full Version : Hi! New and from Oklahoma with first Cavy (piggy)

06-26-06, 03:55 pm
Just thought I would stop by and say Hi! I currently have one 6 week old male piggy with no name.... My three year old son, just wants to call him pig, but I am thinking more toward Snickers... He is black, brown with a bit of orange and white... His fur kinda sticks up in places, but not a longhair cavy (piggy), but not a short hair either...

Anyway, just thought I would stop by and say hi!!!

Hope to post pics soon!

06-26-06, 04:13 pm
Welcome! Snickers is a cute name. He sounds like an abbyssinian. I have 4 abbys, and one a american/silkie mix. Does he look like this?
Do you have any pigtures of him? We love pigtures.
Where did you get him?

06-26-06, 04:17 pm
Yep, looks like that, but different colors... :cool: He also has black eyes...

06-26-06, 04:37 pm
Welcome to the forum.

My Baby Mu
06-26-06, 10:53 pm
Welcome to the forum.