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06-25-06, 06:12 pm
Well, Fourbwabbys enspired me to go to the dollar store to look for some wind chimes. Well, I didnt JUST get wind chimes. I got a new hideyh house for rocket, and this dollar store actually sells fleece!! I couldn't believe it! Well, they sold it for a whopping $2.00 for a metre. Then I decided to go look at the PetPals store. They are against breeding and they donate money to shelters in British columbia every month. They have alot of stuff, but most of it is pretty expensive. But what I found was Kaytee 2nd cut timothy hay!! This is great!!! Because the only other place in victoria that sells Timothy hay is Walmart, and they sell Hartz (the most careless company ever). These bags were $5.00 So now I don't have to go all the way down town to get hay! Phew im so happy. But now my ancle hurts because on my way back home I got chased by a bulldog and twisted my ancle :yawn: But I'm still happy :D

06-25-06, 06:51 pm
Oops, I spelled bargain wrong... Hehe...

06-25-06, 10:49 pm
Rocket loves his wind chimes!!

06-26-06, 07:29 am
Rocket looks very happy!

I would be very weary of Hartz products. I have seen on GL a couple threads about people who think their pigs died because of their pine woodchips! Now, if a company can't make a little that is not toxic, what do you think the food is like?

06-26-06, 09:13 am
I NEVER buy hartz!! My mom accidently baught me a pack of food by hartz and it has sunflower seeds with shells, dry corn, banana pellets (Banana pellets!!!) Very disgusting.