View Full Version : Plans become reality... But better!!

06-24-06, 06:44 pm
Well, as you may or may not know (I say that alot...) I had written some plans for a new cage and posted them in the gallery. My plans have now become a reality! his cage absolutely blew me away when i finished. And It surprises me that he actually used the ramp after i put it in his cage as a final touch! (I put hay on it...)

Some pictures of the cage:

the top floor looks like the celebrity red carpet. So I'm going to put a sign on the top floor saying: "Red Carpet: Celebrity Guinea Pigs Only!"

06-24-06, 08:26 pm
Wow, it looks great!

06-24-06, 08:36 pm
Great job. I love the fleece.

06-24-06, 08:36 pm
Ah, the pig loves it! I got the cheapest fleece I could find at walmart. It was 4.94 canadian dollars per the metre. Turns out that it was waterproof, so I had to throw it in the wash a few times to wear the affect off. And, the white grids were alot harder to put together because the connector slots were so cliose together, if I would put the grid in too hard, the grid would slip out. I almost died of exaustion and fury!!! But I love the end result! I make an oath NOT to buy anything else to expand the cage. I spent $70 on fleece, grids food, hay and emergency supplies today!

06-24-06, 08:39 pm
Yeah, the grids almost killed me too when I did it. My pigs just learned an hour ago after placing hay on the ramp-how to go up it.

06-24-06, 09:00 pm
Are you serious? It took rocket about five minutes to explore the whole top level!

I also made swinging doors on the front of my cage for easy access. Saved me from using a ladder and falling on tha cage!

06-24-06, 09:23 pm
I do not think I put anything attempting enough up there. It took one piece of lettuce and they were lured up there. :)

06-24-06, 09:25 pm
Well, I put all of his food and water on one side, and all of his hay on the other side of the top level. That's how he got up... He followed the hay on the ramp.

06-24-06, 10:52 pm
I had one pig who would use the ramp and the other one took awhile before she would use it.

06-24-06, 11:03 pm
Well, I guess they get more used to it by how steep or how much room they have to get up on it.

06-25-06, 08:19 pm
Come on over here Tip and give me a hand. I think your cage looks great. I know Rocket must love it.