View Full Version : Rabbit owners beware!

06-24-06, 06:27 am
The other night one of my male rabbits broke out of its cage by chewing off the zip ties that held a couple cubes together. Unfortunately, my other male rabbit was out playing and they got into a fight but luckily no one was hurt. This event could have been deadly to one of my rabbits since both the males are dominant and male rabbits will fight to the death. I just want to let rabbit owners know that if provoked, per say by a male rabbit, a rabbit can chew through C&C cages put together with zip ties.

06-24-06, 10:55 am
I'm so glad they weren't hurt!

Another good reason to use connectors. I've found that my connectors are more stable than zip ties alone, so I use both.

06-24-06, 09:39 pm
I have both on my cage also.

06-25-06, 02:08 am
My rabbit also go out of her C&C cage (and lost an ear to the dog.) I no longer keep my rabbits in the C&C cage out where all the other animals are. They are now in a locked room where the dogs don't go. My dogs will leave the GP's and rats alone but not the rabbits, even in a closed lid cage.
I am happy to hear your rabbits were unharmed. It's such a scary feeling when you think one will be hurt or is hurt.