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07-06-04, 12:26 pm
The only place in my house that has enough room to put a C&C cage is the office room in our house. It is never used and all it has is lots of shelves with tons of books and papers on them. The one thing I am concerend about is if the room might be too dusty. Since no one really goes in there. Do you think that it would effect Amys health?

mom to cujo
07-06-04, 12:58 pm
Your guinea pig(s) should be placed in a location so that they are in the middle of things and made to feel part of the family. Dust is no good because they have very sensitive resperitory systems. My baby is right smack in the middle of the family room and when we are at home there is always a tv on and someone in the room right next to him. When he wants to be fed, touched or talked to he can always let us know and I consider him a member of the family like the rest of us humans. Piggies are social animals and need to be around us.

07-06-04, 02:35 pm
Unfortunatly we cant put the new cage in the same place as the little one we are using now. There is just no space. I just dont know where we will put her. We were concidering putting her outside in the hallway between the bedrooms because there is alot more people around out there. But we were afraid that she would wake the kids up in the middle of the night. Also we dont want hay and bedding tracked all over the house. We thought that office would be good because it gets tons of sunlight and we could get more air in there. If I could clean everything and get rid of most of the dust and stuff would it work better?

mom to cujo
07-06-04, 05:16 pm
The hallway isn't really a great spot becausse mostly people will just pass them by. You should really try and figure out a way to incorporate them into an area that the family spends most of their time in. I know it is hard - I live in a two bedroom condo w/exercise equipment jammed in here too, but I feel that it is too important to keep Cujo in the mix of things than to worry about how his cage looks in the middle of the room. I bought a carpet sweeper so I can go over the carpet as many times a day as I need to to keep the litter cleaned up, but I just feel like it is too important for his well being to be right in the middle of things. Sorry I can't sound more supportive.

07-07-04, 02:38 pm
We keep our two giant C&C's in our family room (32 sq. ft. total), so they're in the middle of the action most of the time. When we're not there, we have the radio or TV playing for stimulation.

See if you can rearrange furniture to accomodate your little guys.

07-07-04, 06:28 pm
There must be some way you can fit your piggies in. Try moving out an end table in the living room, for example. That's what I did! =) Good luck!

07-08-04, 07:12 am
well summer cleanin for the office then i guess.

07-08-04, 09:47 am
We are cleaning out the office room now. We have decided to make that room the place with the computer so that people will be in there all the time. It is just across from all of our bedrooms so that we can be close and near them. I am also thinking of putting a tv in there so that we can watch it in their and be with Amy too.

07-08-04, 10:29 am
That's a great idea! Just make sure that the pigs are either on the other side of the room from the TV or they are raised off the ground. (It helps a lot with the noise). Great job, and good luck on building! =)