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06-23-06, 05:56 pm
My name is Ashley, and my guinea pig is Hubert McGee, We live in San Ramon California. I've had Hubert since december 2005. I worked as a nanny for a single mother and her 2 young daughters, and i got Hubert from them. The family had him for less than a month and were already bored with him. They kept him in a tiny cage with no toys, and they never gave him any attention. :guilty: On Christmas Eve (2005) the family was going out of town for two weeks, i asked the mother who was going to watch the guinea pig while they were gone and she told me that they didnt need anyone to look after him as long as they gave him a lot of food and two full water bottles. I was really upset when she said that and i asked her if she would be willing to let me have him for $50. She said yes, and i took Hubert home with me that day. :love: His life (and mine) has changed dramatically since i brought him home to live with me, at first he was really shy but now he is really vocal and loves attention (especially from my dog, Molly). I took him to the vet 2 days after i got him for a check-up, he had lice (which he got a shot for) and other than that he was totally healthy. He has a large CavyCage, tons of toys, unlimited hay, fresh food/water EVERYday, and he gets held at least once a day. I love Hubert very much and i look forward to every moment that i get to spend with him.

Percy's Mom
06-23-06, 06:42 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages Ashley! Good job on rescuing Hubert from his situation. He's obviously in a better place with you. Are you looking into adopting a friend for him? As much as you love each other and he likes the dog, being herd animals, they do much better with a same species buddy.

06-23-06, 06:47 pm
Good job Ashley! My name is Ashley too:cheerful: Sounds like he is very well taken care of. I bet he would REALLY LOVE a buddy though. It would be great for him to have one of his kind around and good for you too since watching them interact is sooooooooo adorable! See you around!

06-23-06, 08:15 pm
Ashley this is a very wonderful thing you did. I just know that Hubert loves you as much as you do him. So glad you joined the group.

06-23-06, 08:26 pm
I've been thinking about getting him a buddy, especially lately because my dog just had knee surgery so she hasnt been able to visit with Hubert as much as she used to. If you know of any adoption places near the san ramon area (in california) i'd love to go take a look.

Percy's Mom
06-23-06, 08:41 pm
Do a quick pet search on www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com). There are literally hundreds if not thousands of homeless piggies in California.

06-23-06, 09:14 pm
Um, hello? www.cavyspirit.com (http://www.cavyspirit.com) Like spitting distance

06-23-06, 09:27 pm
Welcome to the forum. I hope you can find him a friend. I'm sure there's someone close by that does rescues. Teehee! Good luck and great job on getting him out of a very sad situation.

PS: Oh T, you have himis AND babies to choose from. I'd have a hard time deciding. Good luck Ashley.