View Full Version : PETITION against harmful products !!!

07-06-04, 10:49 am
I am so tired of seeing people using pet products that are offered in almost every petstore on the face of the planet, completely oblivious of the harm they are doing to their animals.

I am considering starting a petition to send to Kaytee, the major bedding co. about their continous production of cedar and chlorophyl pine shavings. I am sure they are well aware of the respiratory damage those particular shavings can cause to small animals, yet there is no mention of this on their packaging (only to use in "open areas") and they continue to offer it as an equal alternative to both Carefresh and Aspen wood shavings. (I will be starting a new thread on the use of Aspen vs. Pine shavings very soon, I have looked into this further.)

If anyone would like to participate in this petition or has any other crafty ideas on how to get cedar and the EXTRA INTENTIONAL harmful chlorophyl shavings OFF of store shelves, or get the labelnig changed, please PLEASE contact me.

I know many of us in this small cavy-loving community are already well aware of these dangers, but it is my goal to try and educate ALL animal owners across the globe.

Petition anyone???

07-07-04, 11:07 am
What about going to the petstores, and *nicely* informing them of the dangers of cedar and pine? It would make a bigger impression if you printed off reliable information from the internet, and brought several people with you. You could ask them to stop selling it.

07-08-04, 07:15 am
They wont care at all .All stores wanan do is make money.Pine is very easy to get a hold of and they make kiln dried cedar which doesnt have a scent.I doubt even if the 200 members on this forum raged against Kaytee it would help .im sure other activists have tried it before.But im with you on how stupid these suposible experts really are.