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06-20-06, 11:29 pm
I'm relatively new to the guinea pig world. My Hubby's boss had a whole family of them and was wanted to give some away. We got the two youngest they had (1 1/2 years old). The tan and white is Lois and the black one is Lana.


Their Fortress of Solitude:


I got my cage idea from some of the images I had seen on this site. :cool:

Percy's Mom
06-21-06, 07:04 am
Excellent cage DC! And your girls are precious. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find tons of great information in addition to helping you into cage rebuilding addiction like many of our other members!

06-21-06, 07:34 am
DC welcome to the group. More pics please. We never get enough.

06-22-06, 06:42 pm
Thanks guys for the welcome :)

Will try to get more pics posted up as soon as I can.

06-22-06, 06:48 pm
Cute girls and I love the Superman themed names. How cute!! I also am very impressed with how pretty your cage is. Great job and welcome.

06-22-06, 06:51 pm
Thank you. It was this place and the images here that inspired me. I'm amazed myself at how well it turned out.

Now if I can only find a Clark and Lex ;)

My Baby Mu
06-22-06, 10:58 pm
Welcome to the forum.

06-23-06, 01:40 pm
Thanks :)

More pictures as promised.

Veggie Time!!

Lois claimed this hideaway straight from the start.

Lana in her favorite hangout.. under the ramp.

Percy's Mom
06-23-06, 02:00 pm
TOO cute! Your girls are absolutely precious!

06-23-06, 02:04 pm
Yes they are cute. I'm so glad I decided to take them home. I've been without a pet in my life for too long. Sometimes I find myself just sitting near the cage and watching them. Even when they're not doing anything.

06-23-06, 02:23 pm
Love the pics. I have a few who also love to sleep under the ramp.

06-23-06, 04:30 pm
They are so cute! I love that hidey house. Tarzan also claimed the spot under the ramp.

06-23-06, 04:34 pm
Oooo! They are cute. I especially love Lana. I think you could get another girl & name her Lex (short for Lexi) and a neutered boy to name Kent. :)

My Baby Mu
06-23-06, 09:43 pm
Yay more pigtures! Too cute!

06-23-06, 10:32 pm
Belle loves it under the ramp as well. Such cute pigs!