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07-05-04, 01:55 am
I just put photos of my new cage up in the "Cages For Other Pets" gallery.

The cage is multi-level and double-gridded all the way. You can search for "multi-level" or "double-grid" or just "double" and you'll find the pics.

I made a few modifications: one, I put the grids inside the coroplast base, instead of the other way around. I did this because degus chew a lot and I'd like to avoid bottom-chewing if I can.

For the upper levels, I made a slight lip (2 inches) on the coroplast floor of each one. This is to keep bedding on those floors inside the cage as much as possible.

The degus have two exercise wheels, a wodden hidey-house, and some fiddle sticks, and I made a custom hay manger for them, which they love. We also had a purchased hay manger, which we will reserve now for their fresh greens. They have many wooden chew sticks, too.

We have two doors- one at the bottom level, on the front of the cage, and one at the top level, on the side.

They are very very happy in the new cage- lots of racing from top to bottom, climbing the grids, and squeaking! Thanks so much for this website :)

- priscilla

07-05-04, 10:49 am
It looks nice, I like the color of those grids too.

07-05-04, 04:20 pm
It looks nice, I like the color of those grids too.
Thank you! Those are the new grey grids from Bed Bath and Beyond. We used three boxes of them and have a few grids left over. I like them much better than the black or white.

We had originally planned ot use chrome, but then it occurred to me that chewing on chrome could be very poisonous to the degus.