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07-03-04, 05:17 pm
This is the url of my new cage page:

I just made it yesterday. Also, the rest of the site is about a girl scout gold award project I'm going to do next January. (written in raw html!) Check that out if you feel like it! Otherwise, just take a look at the piggies! Thanks for looking. =)

A few notes: highlight the text if you have a hard time reading it. It was the best color I could find with my background as far as readability goes. Also, sorry in advance for the popup and ad!

Also, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions you can write them here. I'll answer them as soon as I can!

08-11-04, 05:24 pm
Updated, you no longer have to worry about the text. Everything is all easy to read now. The piggies have been in their cage since July 24th-ish!!! YAY!!! If you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. please feel free to post them and I will get back to you asap! Thanks a bunch! =)

08-11-04, 05:30 pm
Very nice page! Good luck on your Gold Award. My oldest daughter got her Silver but never did her Gold. My younger daughter is a Brownie right now and I have a Daisy to Be (in 3 years). On my boys, my oldest made it to Life Scout, my 11 year old just got his Arrow of Light and went into Boy Scouts, my 10 yr old is working on his Arrow of Light, I have a 8 yr old Bear and a Tiger to Be (in 3 years) We love scouting!

That really is an awesome cage and I like your futons.

08-11-04, 05:32 pm
Very nice page! Good luck on your Gold Award. My oldest daughter got her Silver but never did her Gold. My younger daughter is a Brownie right now and I have a Daisy to Be (in 3 years). On my boys, my oldest made it to Life Scout, my 11 year old just got his Arrow of Light and went into Boy Scouts, my 10 yr old is working on his Arrow of Light, I have a 8 yr old Bear and a Tiger to Be (in 3 years) We love scouting!

That really is an awesome cage and I like your futons.
Thanks a ton! My family is really into scouting, too. My mom is a cub scout/boy scout leader, my dad is a scoumaster, and my older brother got his Eagle a few years ago. My little brother is about to transition to Boy Scouts and is soooo into it!!! I am an individual now, though, so I don't get any real support from people. Thanks, that meant a lot to me! =)

08-12-04, 11:21 pm
very awesome cage page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-13-04, 09:43 am
Cage: Great job!

Write-up about the cage: Priceless

I love it. Really. Excellent job on both the cage and the webpage. Give your parents a hug for me.

08-13-04, 01:57 pm
Thank you, CavySpirit!!! You and cinn&sprinn just made my day!!! =)

08-16-04, 06:46 am
Great page - the cage is fantastic and the pigs are gorgeous! I loved the 523% larger bit - really sells it! Good luck with the award.

Shame on me though, I didn't get the Gary/ Meow thing!

08-16-04, 10:30 am
Thanks, Treen! That is based on a television show we have over here, sorry about that! You can find out about it at www.nickelodeon.com (http://www.nickelodeon.com/). Gary is the name of a meowing snail on a show called Spongebob. =) It's quite funny and cute! Hope you can understand that better now. Thanks again!

09-08-04, 10:28 pm
WOW!!! I wanna make a cage like that for my piggies! But the thing is, I'm dead broke right now :). Maybe I can go babysit....hmmm.....

09-09-04, 08:10 pm
Thanks! Just saw your profile and I wanted to ask, were the babies born intentionally? If they were, please don't. There are already enough homeless pigs in the world. If you've got the room, take them in instead. Look here: www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm). Thanks! =)

09-09-04, 09:01 pm
You have a great cage! Your piggies are adorable too. I adopted two piggies for my son about 6 weeks ago. I enjoy them very much also. Plinky is the older one & the younger one is Spongebob. My five year old named him that! Thanks for the nice page you made.

Amy C.

09-09-04, 09:10 pm

I found Plinky online when I did a search for homeless piggies in my area. We fell in love with him, but when we were getting him three more came in. Sponge bob ended up coming with us. They were so shabby & skinny I could not bear to leave him. There was one more I would have taken but it was a female, so I had to leave here there seeing as I just adopted the two males. I totally agree with you on the No more breeding and no more homeless pets. I did a quick look on that page & it make me sad to see those poor babies and mama.

Amy C.

09-09-04, 09:16 pm
well, it was an accident. The boys somehow got in with the girls and I couldn't figure out where they got in. Theres the results. I am going to neuture (is that how you spell it?) my boys.

09-10-04, 07:41 pm
well, it was an accident. The boys somehow got in with the girls and I couldn't figure out where they got in. Theres the results. I am going to neuture (is that how you spell it?) my boys.
Great, thanks for reassuring me! Just wanted to make sure, no offense meant. I just tend to be overprotective about breeding. =)

09-10-04, 07:47 pm
Thanks for the nice comments, and I'm glad you agree about the breeding. That's so incredibly sad, just like... ok, I know this is going to pull on your heartstrings a lot, I shed a few tears, but watch this video. It's reality, folks.


09-14-04, 05:32 pm
OK...now that you have me blubbering like a kid here at work. Wow...that was really moving. The shot that got me was the cat curled up on the leg of the homeless man who was sleeping.

09-15-04, 06:16 pm
Same here... that one was the most powerful of the bunch for me. The song is so fitting, too! I'm sorry I got you crying, but I tried to warn you! Not that it does any good, but... I think it's a good thing for people to see.

11-03-04, 08:07 pm
My page has been updated several times now, I hope to soon again!

11-04-04, 06:05 pm
The movie was so sad. We rescued all three of our cats. We have had one of them since I was a baby. She is noe 15 years old and shes so great. Now I want more. LOL. I think the homeless man was the saddest thing.

11-04-04, 06:25 pm
I agree on that--that picture struck me hardest. Thanks for watching, guys!

11-16-04, 08:40 pm
That's so great about your gold award! My best friend (almost 28) is still a self-proclaimed girl scout! I still remember how exciting her gold award was back in high school. Have you done any wider ops?

11-16-04, 08:54 pm
Thanks! I'm so excited, it's nearly here! I'm waiting on a reply from the Humane Society, I sent them a letter awhile ago now.

No, I haven't done any wider ops. I have set up encampments and run them (3 or 4) but got sick of them after that. I got my silver award, and now I'm getting this. I went to a Jamboree this summer.

By the way, there are new pigtures! (updated!)

11-18-04, 11:15 am
great job.. loved the site

11-18-04, 08:21 pm
Thanks, Tina! I hope that you get something out of it. Not the greatest layout I know, but it's what I could do. =)

11-18-04, 09:43 pm
It was awesome, that must have been so much work "raw html" wow that must have taken forever. I thought it was great... I guess I always thought you had more than two pigs for some reason. Its an awesome cage by the way. I figured out the cost for me to make that cage using your costs to start with. It would cost me about $40 to make... If my coroplast were your price it would be even cheaper. Does fast signs have a website (is that where you said you got it?)?

11-18-04, 10:16 pm
Just a quick note – on the donate section of the site (donating items for the caddies) it says that people should buy the toys and chew things from pet stores. On this site, you tell everyone not to support these stores in any way, so I just wanted to point that out.

So a suggestion of mine is to provide a list of feed stores or online sites where they can purchase these toys instead

By the way, great project idea! How many caddies have you made so far, and where do you get all the supplies that must go in them?

11-20-04, 07:00 pm
FastSigns' websute is www.fastsigns.com (http://www.fastsigns.com). I've heard there are some outrageous costs in some areas ($100?!?!) but mine was just $15 a sheet.

Yes, I typed every line of code... it has taken me roughly 700 (yes, seven hundred) hours to make so far, and it's mostly done. I just have to make sure everything is in proper working order.

I wish I had more than two cavies, as I have the room for seven or eight, but I'm leaving in a few years. My parents and little brother don't think they would be able to take care of that many, so that is why we don't have any more. Otherwise, I'd love to!

I know, l2t, I should probably clear that all up. I'm going to add a link to why pet stores are bad as well, and link to cavy spirit's page on the subject. I feel a bit odd posting the stores, but I also put down Chuck and Don's store (which sells no animals, just feed). Thanks for helping me out though, I'll work on it!

Thanks for the compliment also! Actually, I'm getting ready for the project. You can see my master schedule of things I have to do before it starts (Jan. 2005) here: www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/mastersched.html (http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/mastersched.html). That should help a bit. If that's a bit much, the regular schedule that everyone else will see is at www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/schedule.html (http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/schedule.html).

I am getting the supplies by giving out flyers attached to plastic bags (for supplies) and putting them on door handles in the community. I am getting help from volunteers. For more info, you can read www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/aboutus.html (http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/aboutus.html).

The volunteers are also helping to collect the supplies.

Once collected, the supplies are coming to my house.

Then, I'll have some more volunteers that can sew the bags (caddies). I will have the materials from the donations for these along with the pet stuff. Once these are done, they'll also come to my house.

I'm then assembling the kits by putting information into each one (under four different pet categories), adding supplies, and ironing on patches that say "made by Project:Pet WAKK 2005" and another with the label of the pet type that it's for.

I hope that helps! Thanks for all your help guys, I really do appreciate it!

11-24-04, 10:10 pm
wow your such a busy bee!! I don't think I would want such a insane schedule, but it's increadable that you can do it all!!

Any idea what hat fastsigns' shipping would be like for southeatern minnesota? Is it pricy to ship coroplast? I have no idea lol...

11-25-04, 03:47 pm
:P and that's not all! I play sports, I'm in IB (challenge) classes, top of my 700-student class, taking care of the pigs and a dog, in youth group, in choir for church, and trying to keep some sanity. =)

Anyhow, thanks for the support.

FastSigns' shipping is probably the same as the rest, but they have locations all over. There's probably one close to you!

11-25-04, 06:25 pm
there isn't...

11-26-04, 10:27 am
Tina- Is there anyone in your area that had political signs up? The signs got pretty big this year, maybe you could find one?

I'll keep my thinking cap on. I know how frustrated you are with this coroplast thing. I wish there were an easy way.

11-26-04, 11:29 am
I can check, but I live in the country so I really wouldn't know where to start looking for people who had them, the few neighbors that I have don't do that kind of thing because it's not like many people pass by here and would see them. I have seen a ton around town but they were all small... I havent seen anything bigger around here than less than half the size of a piece of tagboard though, and most arn't coroplast around here either, I have a ton of bush lawn signs from a compain (sp?) that I went too but they are flimsy small and not coroplast.

I checked out some craft stores and they had the same small pieces I'm seeing in peoples yards. I've called around, I even went to home depot, they led me to plexi glass :( I'm ganna keep thinking though because there has got to be some.

I am going to start building the cubes for my cage soon, my mom didn't want me to start before thanksgiving because we were having alot of family over and needed to get the house super clean.

Also, I've been watching local classifides for a second pig, I have yet to finish convincing my parents but I figure I might as well keep looking and work on them once I locate one.


11-26-04, 01:35 pm
I'm sorry it's so hard for you, Tina! Hope you can find some soon!

My pet store page is up, for anyone who's interested:

www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/petstores.html (http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/projectpetwakk/petstores.html)