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06-18-06, 09:49 pm
Hello everyone. Well I was just wondering a few questions. I'm usually fans of guineapigs but my sister got a hamster and I just personally wanted to do so research. Ok, for food what is like the best for them? Do they like vegetables? For their bedding what do they need? One more thing, what would be a good cage for them? Sorry for all the questions just want to get my information right. Thanks!


06-19-06, 09:35 am
I don't know what brand of hamster food is best, but avoid ones with lots of sunflower seeds in them, or pick them out. Sunflower seeds should be given as treats. Hamsters do enjoy small pieces of fruits, vegetables, and grains but do not feed them too much.

As far as bedding goes, aspen, Carefresh, or shredded paper would be best. Try to avoid pine and cedar as these can cause liver and respiratory problems.

A 20-gallon or larger aquarium with a screen top could make a suitable cage or try one of the larger wire cages from a pet store. The cages with all the tubes are generally fine for hamsters, but can be difficult to clean.

06-19-06, 02:59 pm
hey, sry if this a little late but oh well
i used to have a hamster and you should go for a bigger cage with a plain bottom(i.e. not wire on bottom). and wire sides. but the best kinda bedding is the kind that has a freshener in it, it may cost more but helps in the long run. well let me kno if you need any more help.

06-20-06, 12:34 am
Harry or Hazel Hamster food is pretty good. Cage should be large to give them lots of room to run and play. Large storage bins actually make great hamster or gerbil homes. Just make sure to provide plenty of ventilation. Bedding, you can use any type of recycled paper product like carefresh, etc. As far as shavings, stick to either kiln-dried pine or aspen.

They also enjoy bits of veggies, hard boiled egg, some meats and bits of fruits.

Try this site for some good care info- www.hamsterific.com. Check out their nutrition pages.

06-26-06, 10:10 pm
Hamster are best housed in aquariums, they easily escape and can hurt themselves being housed in anything else. Carefresh is best for them, ceder and pine of any kind is not good for them. Aspen can be used but is not recommended. A great site is groups.msn.com/hamstersgalore
Is it a dwarf or a syrian (dwarfs are the small ones, syrians are the large ones that cannot be housed with any other animals including another of the same kind.)

06-27-06, 02:53 pm
Hamster are best housed in aquariumsI have to disagree with this. They do ok in aquariums but after many hours of researching good hamster sites, I've found that hamsters do very well in large storage bins. If you do some modifications to the bin, they cannot escape nor do they chew through it. I used to keep my hammies in aquariums but I got to a point where I felt they provided poor ventilation.

06-27-06, 07:01 pm
I've found that hamsters do very well in large storage bins. If you do some modifications to the bin, they cannot escape nor do they chew through it.

Actually, through the years of fostering hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc.. I have have numerous mice chew through and escape from bins (with lids) I have have also had two hamsters do the same. Though, none of the Syrian hamsters have chewed through them, only the dwarfs and the mice. Here is a link to housing help-