View Full Version : My daughter has gone vegan.

06-18-06, 03:22 pm
My daughter has now gone vegan. She bought a book called "Eat to Live", that goes into why it is healthy to go vegan. I read it too and it is a very good book. Not only is it cruel to eat meat but the industry is filling the animals with chemicals and antibiotics. It shares all about the protein issue that so many feel they will not get enough protein by eating vegetarian.
I spent yesterday going on the websites Cavy Spirit recomended plus many more. There are countless recipies and information on the web for healthy eating, plus the support of this website. There is no reason to go hungry or be boring in what you eat. I recomend starting with Cavy Spirits websites, and go from there. Enjoy, it's a wonderful vegetarian/vegan world.

06-19-06, 12:14 pm
GOOD FOR YOUR DAUGHTER! Welcome aboard the Vegan/Vegetarian wagon!

Clover Cavy
10-02-06, 06:29 pm
Good for you guys! It's nice of you to be so open to suggestions from your daughter. My parents aren't quite that agreeable. =)

10-03-06, 02:00 am
My dad was all out no lol when I wanted to give it a try and my mom was okay but wouldnt get me any food that was vegan. So I could not! But its great that you are supporting her with this choice.

smileyface cavy
10-03-06, 08:10 am
That's great! My mom won't let me go vegan though... "You're still growing!!" Hehe.

10-03-06, 12:24 pm
Weeeeeeeeee! I'm so happpy for her. Congrats!