View Full Version : Bunny Cage Ideas

06-17-06, 08:49 pm
A lady I know *hired* me to build a cage for her rabbit. She wants it to be small (2x2 grids on the bottom), but I can make it tall. Does anyone have any great ideas for cages? I've looked in the cages for other pets gallery and got some good ideas, but I want more.

Slap Maxwell
06-17-06, 10:52 pm
2x2 is WAY too small for a base level for a rabbit. They need at least a 2x3 ONLY IF they are going to be free range all the time. When I could not keep my rabbit free range when we were away he had at least a 2x6. Now he is totally free range.

I would refuse to make the cage if she is not going to be willing to make it bigger. A 2x2 for a rabbit is beyond cruel.

06-18-06, 09:12 am
2x2 is too small no matter how many levels it has. I had to do that temporarily when my dwarf hotot girls fell out with each other, and they were so unhappy! They're little- 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, and they really didn't have much room to move at all. Yeah, they each had a shelf, but it was more difficult for them to get up and down from it because there just wasn't much space.

06-18-06, 01:44 pm
Okay, I was already thinking about not doing it because I would be helping doom a rabbit to a too small cage. Thanks for your input!

07-06-06, 03:31 pm
I saw a cage on a rabbit site. If I can find the picture, I might have kept it because I was thinking it was such a neat cage. anyway, it was made out of white pvc p;iping. it has the elbows at each corner to make the frame and was covored in some type of wire, maybe chickenwire or small square wire. It had a swinging door made out of pvc also as the frame covored in some type of wire. It was tall enough to stand in for a human with no top, but then again at about 4 feet high, it didn/t need a top. It was about three feet wide maybe four and maybe at least five or six feet long. The rabbits were allowed to come out and run around the house but if they needed to be kept in for any reason this was the pen with beds/litter pans also.