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06-17-06, 08:45 am
Hi everyone! I am new to all this pigmania and I love it! Our piggies are so cute and we love them to pieces! :heart: They seem to enjoy the wading pool pen they live in. They love fresh dandylion greens and grape tomatoes.
After looking at the many wonderful pictures people have posted, I noticed quite a few that did not have the standard bedding material. Rather, they used a fleece fabric. Isn't that kind of hard to keep clean? It sure would be better than the pine bedding we use now if I understood what to do with it. Will someone please send me an email and clue me in? Thanks!:optimist:

06-17-06, 08:49 am
All you have to do is a forum search for fleece. There have been tons of things posted about and it is a great alternative to regular bedding.
Welcome to the forum.