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06-16-06, 05:27 pm
I know he is not a guinea pig but he is still a pet lost today. He was my 18 year old cat we had to euthinize him because of kidney failure. He was old but it is still hard to lose him. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b177/cavycrazy7/untitled.jpg

Percy's Mom
06-16-06, 05:39 pm
I'm so sorry to hear about Spudsy. I have a senior cat myself (Lance is 13), and every year that goes by, we feel that much more lucky that he's still with us. I fully believe that animals know exactly how we feel about them, and I can assure you that Spudsy knew how very much he was loved to the very end and will continue to be loved in memory.

06-21-06, 03:42 pm
I'm so sorry you lost him. I had a dog, Rosie, who we had to have euthanised 4 years ago after her kidneys failed too. It is so, so hard when you lose any animal, but maybe a little more so when you have had an animal in your life for so very many years.

Thinking of you.

06-21-06, 11:53 pm
Thanks yeah it was hard he was older than me so he has been there all my life.

06-22-06, 12:07 pm
:hug: I'm so sorry. I don't really know what to say. I understand how hard it is to lose a pet.

06-22-06, 03:15 pm
I am so sorry about Spudsy. 18 years WOW how wonderful.