View Full Version : 3x6 for rabbit, ok?

Emily F.
06-15-06, 02:34 pm
I have a rabbit, she is medium in size, and she needs a new cage. She is currently in a pet-store type cage. Would a 3x6 C&C cage be enough room for her?

06-15-06, 02:36 pm
It should be. She would very much like to have levels in it so she can jump around though.

07-02-06, 11:01 pm
Sounds great - should give your bun plenty of room to stretch out. Remember though that if you want to keep her confined you'll need to factor a roof into the design, which on a 3 x 6 will need a bit of support in the middle if you use grids. Another option is to cover the top with wire mesh, this can be held on with nylon ties. May sag a bit in the middle but you could support it across the top with a beam running from one side to the other.
Good luck!

07-04-06, 08:18 am
Maybe overlapping the grids slightly and using zip ties to hold them together instead of connectors would make the roof less saggy?

Good luck on your cage! 3x6 sounds like a wonderful size.