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Dr Doughnut
06-15-06, 02:09 pm
Hi, im Dr Doughnut. Some of yall may know me from Petshub.

Anyways, I have 2 guinea pigs, Fleance and Banquo, they are the sweetest guys ever. They have a HUGE 2x5 C*C cage with a 2x2 loft. It really rules, and soon i plan to expand it to 2x6 with 2x3 basement level.

I also run a website called All Things Cavy, aslong as the CAvyChat forums.

Edited out Link[/URL]

The main site is under construction

Also, we have forums

Edited out Link

These are things.

Also, i added links to great websites, like Cavy Cages, Cavy Spirit, and Petshub.

Im soooo exicted

Some pics
http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g291/Balakr/PICT0003.jpg (http://cavycages.com/forum/allthingscavy.orgfree.com)

This is the cage

and my GUinea Pigs


The one on the left is Fleance, the right is Banqu

06-15-06, 02:11 pm
I edited out your links until they can be checked out by the mederators.

And YIKEYS! Those pictures are huge. Please resize pictures to fit the screen before posting them on the site. Thanks

Dr Doughnut
06-15-06, 02:16 pm
ok, sorry about that

06-15-06, 02:45 pm
On the very right side of your website page, you have the logos for CavySpirit and GL, if they aren't used with permission, you must take them down as you are violating copyright laws.

I am having a few minor problems with the veggie info that is there. I think some changes need to be made to your list. I am also having problems with you suggesting that people who want guinea pigs should go to "show breeders" to purchase if they can't find a shelter or rescue.

Dr Doughnut
06-15-06, 02:54 pm
ok, ill take them down

06-15-06, 03:14 pm
Before you take them down why not email them and ask for permission? Most likely they will say yes. Be sure to email them a link to your site as well so they can see what they look like and see your site.