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06-15-06, 10:01 am
Soon, Trixie and Oats will be comming to visit me and if i'm lucky this will be their forever home. Now, from what i know, Trixie and Oats cannot meet my current girls (Ginny and Darla) for roughly three weeks. I have a pet store cage, but ended up just throwing it out this morning cause there was no way i was going to place Trixie and Oats in something that small. Well to make a long story short, i hit the store and gathered up a few things to make a a temporary cage... i was just curious if it was ok (considering it would only be for three weeks or so).

The very bottom is a simple shower curtain (basically to protect the rug a little) then a layer of puppy pads, towels and a nice new fleece blanket. My main concern is the shower curtain, would that be ok? There is absolutely no way they can actually get at it (sorry bout the picture size, still havn't figured out how to make them a little smaller).


06-15-06, 10:15 am
The shower curtain will work fine and they shouldn't be harmed if they get at it and chew on it a bit.

06-15-06, 10:17 am
Oh, about the picture. You need to put it into a photoshop type program and resize it there. Then save it to the web.

06-15-06, 10:21 am
Ah, thank you! It's good to know bout that curtain, it kinda worried me and i figured i should ask before putting piggies in there. Thanks for the info bout the pictures too, i was so curious how people got them to a decent size. =)

06-15-06, 11:08 am
The shower curtain is fine! I have recommended using one to people in the past as a temporary fix to not having Coroplast on hand. Even if they do nibble it a little, it should not hurt them.

One suggestion I would make though is to add a layer of cardboard under everything, so that the cardboard is on the ground first, then the shower curtain, then the rest of the bedding on top of it. I just worry about your carpet it really isn't for the girls comfort or saftey! Just that if anything should happen to the curtain, things could get messy quickly! Trixie is a bit of a chewer, I have not noticed her chewing the coroplast, unlike my three girls downstairs! However she does periodically chew at the inside walls of her pigloo, a new environment may mean new tricks!

Any box board should do, being where you work, I am sure you can find some that is up to the job! ;) They are going to love it! That is already the biggest cage they have ever been in!

One thing that comes to mind is that they could use another hidey house. Being rather bonded, they do often share one, and would I would think without much drama if they had to, but they do have two right now, and I find them enjoying some alone time fairly frequently... maybe about 40% of the time. With being in a new environment, (again) they will want to stay hidden.

One other thing to add to your medical records at least, is that they where both treated for a very very mild URI a few months back. They both reacted very poorly to Baytril, I would not ever administer it to them again if at all possible to avoid. They both would not eat on it, and needed to be agressively handfed.

06-15-06, 11:19 am
Aww! Thats so great that your adopting Trixie and Oats! Congrats! By the way the cage looks great as a temporary cage.

06-15-06, 12:02 pm
I will use a petstore cage for a single pig for quarantine purposes but rarely for more than 1 pig. Your temp cage looks fine. Also Martini, I really need to ask you to start capitalizing all your "I's". Thanks.

I also changed your tags because the image was way too large for the thread.

06-15-06, 05:30 pm
No worries, cardboard is very easy to get and it's an excellent idea. Thank you!

So, Trixie is a bit of a chewer eh? No worries, I'll see if I can find some things for her to chew on and will make sure to throw in another tunnel for them to hid in. I know they've been through alot so just trying to be careful, I want them to be as comfortable as possible.

I've also made a note about the Baytril, thanks for the head up!

I_<3_cavies: Thanks alot! I'm so excited to meet the two critters!

Ly&Pigs: O, sorry about that. I've been doing the small 'i' for years but am more then happy to try and fix that one. Though I might need a slap upside the head once in a while (old habbits are hard to stop... hehe). =)