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06-15-06, 02:09 am
hi, my name is debarah, i am a stay at home mom to 4 children, 1 poodle, and 2 piggies.. i love to spoil them rotten and spend as much time with them as i can.. my piggies are rescue piggies, honey bee came to us about 2 months ago, she was abandoned by her teenaged owner and left at a neighbors house, they in turn posted her on a pet forum and i ask to have her.. she is such a sweetie pie, she is chocolate and white with a hint of a rust color, she is crested.. i am also a mommie to lamby kinz, he was dumped out in the trash to be thrown away on a very cold day.. its a wonder he survived, the person i got him from found him one morning before the trash men came around, she was walking her dog and her dog started barking at the trash, she peeked inside a small cage and found my lamby all curled up,super skinny, scared and shivering from the cold, she brought him inside the house and warmed him up, she posted him on a website, i saw her story and my heart just ached to have him,, he is now very spoiled, much bigger and brave boy.. i just love him.. we have to keep our piggies in seperate cages because they do not get along.. the piggies were actually for my daughter, but i kind of took over..lol.. i thought about getting them companions.. what do you guys think.. we have the room for them and i am learning off this website how to make a much bigger cage, we are setting out this weekend for supplies to build the cages.. my piggies have their own room in our house.. did i mention they are spoiled (smile)..
well thanks for any advice yall can give me and i hope to make lots of friends..

06-15-06, 03:11 am
Maybe you could try reintroducing them after you make a bigger cage--but only if one of them is spayed or neutered, since they are of opposite sex.

Welcome aboard, do you have any pictures?

06-15-06, 07:23 am

So you have a girl and a boy right now? Are they housed together (Sorry if that is a stupid question!) I know there is a vet in Dallas that will do a fairly inexpensive Neuter, Texas Rustlers uses him all the time. Don't quote me on it, but I think it is under $100.00 and the vet is knowledgable and good at it!

If you want to get more, you have to consider either keeping males and females apart (which you would have to do if you don't get anyone neutered anyway) in two separate enclosures, or if you want to have the male neutered and with the rest of them, you need to think about getting only females for a large Harem. Generally, males will not get along with eachother if they are with girls, they will fight for them! The exception is if you have more of a free range situation with a huge area to keep them in, and then they may still fight from time to time.

Texas Rustlers has a lot of pigs. Your area has no shortage of unwanted pigs, probably why these pigs where both abandoned, the owners just could not find new homes for them. You can check the paper, or area shelters, they have a high euth rate I believe if T.R. does not pick them up, I have heard of them having nearly a 100 pigs at a time in their home in effort to save area pigs!

Also, the mod Susan here I believe still has some boys she is looking to rehome, but with having a female already in the mix, I don't know if that would work out or not...

Good luck!

06-15-06, 07:52 am
Hello. Welcome to the forum. What area of Texas are you from?

06-15-06, 10:55 am
Hi debarah and welcome to Cavy Cages.

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Also there is a newbie guide here in the introduction forum that provides many great links. If you haven't read it, you might want to do so.

06-15-06, 10:58 am
Are they housed together (Sorry if that is a stupid question!)Debarah stated in her post- "we have to keep our piggies in seperate cages because they do not get along".

06-15-06, 01:23 pm
After you get the feel for the group and look at our cages, you have many options.
Get Lammy Kinz neutered , build a larger cage for say 3 or 4 pigs, do proper introductions with your two and then look for two more girls to adopt to make a 4 some.
If you have a pig room you can make two large cages. One can be a 2 x4 and get another boar from Lammy Kinz. You can make the same or larger for your female and get her 1 or 2 more female friends.

There are many possibilites.
Glad you joined us.

06-15-06, 04:55 pm
hello everyone,
Well I went out today and bought a baby piggie for my honeybee, she absolutely loves her, she is a silky, black, chocolate and cream color. I have been looking at the cages on this site, my what beautiful cages. I am planning on making a bigger cage this weekend. I used your advice and introduced them slowly last night again, we have had both of them for a little over a month now, last nights introduction went well, they chattered at each other but no fights. i am also going to be getting lamby neutered in a week, i made an appointment at a vets office, they will charge me $55.00 i thought that was mor than reasonable. we also adopted a small baby bunny today, he is white with brown around his eyes, near his nose, his ears are brown and he has 5 small brown spots down the middle of his back, i will try to posts pictures later. he is adorable, and so soft and cuddley. we have not named our newest piggie yet, and it is a girl, and we have not named our bunny as of yet, any suggestions?

Dr Doughnut
06-15-06, 04:59 pm
Yo dawg, im from texas too

06-15-06, 05:55 pm
Hey Dr. D - Please read over our posting policies and guidelines (http://cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&a=7) . Thanks

06-15-06, 06:22 pm
That is so sad, I would think after rescuing 2 pigs, you would realize how much in need so many pigs are in your area. I responded both here and in another thread you participated in that there are 100's of pigs in need of homes, more then can ever possibly find good homes. I can't imagine how many pigs are euthed every day in your area!

Also, don't be surprised if your new "buddy" comes jam packed with parasites and bacteria that will be shared with your two current pigs! She also stands a good chance of being pregnant, so be prepared for that. Lice, mange mites, fungal infections, ringworm, pregnancy, URI's, UTI's, the list goes on and on ... All very common in petstore pigs! We always suggest a 3 week quarintine to prevent the transimition of these nasties to your current pigs. At the very least, a vet visit would be a good idea.

06-15-06, 07:54 pm
hi cavy,
i guess i did not make my self clear from the last posting, i did say i purchased a baby for my honey bee and adopted a bunny as well.. by saying purchased, i did not imply that i had "bought" from a pet store.. i did take your advice and checked out my local shelters, they had baby piggies and a few baby bunnies, i had adopted one of each because, i could not just walk out and not get one of each, my heart melted when i saw them. so.. yes i did adopt... i also anticipate some problems and tomorrow they are going in to visit our local vet for a check up, i immediately made an appointment as soon as i brought them home. i am hoping by adopting from our shelter that i wouldnt have as many problems as a "petstore" pet, but we will find out tomorrow, thanks for your advice,
by the way, we named the bunny Domino, we still havent figured out a name for our piggie.

06-15-06, 07:58 pm
Debarah, I asked you once already to read the rules and start posting correctly. Apparently I've been ignored and this Moderator doesn't like to be ignored when she gives warnings. Read the Policies and Guidelines link that is posted twice above. 3 warnings and you are banned for a week. This is warning #2.

06-15-06, 08:01 pm
Debarah you will soon see that we use the words adopt and bought in two entirely different ways. Yes you paid an adoption fee. So glad to hear you adopted. I too wondered and just didn't reply because I was very disappointed and confused!
You do know that the bun can't be with the piggers? Also since you did get them from a shelter and not from a private rescuer you are wise in the vet appointment. My girls came from a GP rescuer and she routinely gives out mite treatment to all pigs that come to her. I think in shelters many run across a situation of the volunteers not knowing much at all about small pets.

Can;t wait to see pictures of the family.

06-15-06, 08:56 pm
Hi, Dr. Doughnut, What part of Texas are you from? I am in Arlington. How Many Guinea Pigs do you have?

06-15-06, 08:59 pm
I still need to come up with a name for our youngest GP member, any suggestions? The bunnies name is Domino, he will not be placed with our Guinea Pigs, I already built a seperate cage for him. Any suggestions for naming our baby GP will be helpful. She is black in the front with a little white stripe on her nose, a band of white in the middle, a band of tan, and then back end is black.
Thank you,

My Baby Mu
06-15-06, 09:51 pm
Welcome to the forum.

Texas Rustlers
06-16-06, 01:32 am
Which shelter did you adopt from?

I am surprised we didn't get a call on her, pretty much all the DFW shelters call us when they have piggies

Texas Rustlers
06-16-06, 01:48 am
Please also let us know which vet you are using. We would love to be able to recommend a cavy savvy vet in Arlington that is so inexpensive.

$55 is for a neuter is very reasonable - do you know if they use iso or sevo?

06-16-06, 02:13 am
Hi, I had gotten her from a shelter in Ft.Worth, it is on Lancaster street in Ft. Worth, a friend and I went to go see the bunnies, she wanted to adopt a baby bunny and a woman pulled up with a very small cage, so me, being as curious as I am, asked to see what was in the cage. There was a mother GP and a baby. I had asked her why she was dropping them off. She said that she was moving into an apartment and they did not allow pets, plus her daughter was not taking care of the (she cursed) rodents. My jaw dropped when she called them rodents, those poor precious babies. My friend jumped into our conversation and asked the woman if she could have the piggies. I said that I would be interested in adopting the baby, which is 5 weeks, according to her. She handed over the cage, we went to go see the rabbits, I adopted a bunny and made a $50 donation to the shelter because I felt badly for interfering with the proper adoption process for the guinea pig. I am hoping I did the right thing. To me it is still adopting(I mean I did give them $50, so technically I did purchase her). I did tell the lady behind the counter why I was donating $50, I explained to her about the woman we had met in the parking lot. The shelter lady just told me she did not want to know what happened in the parking lot and that atleast I am making a donation, and to please make sure I get them checked by a vet. The baby and the rabbit has an appointment for the vet tomorrow, I had been taking my other Piggies to a vet on Parkrow and Bowen, here in Arlington, sorry I can not remember the vets name.
Neutering will be done at Sam's All Pets located on Collins street here in Arlington. That vet is also very reasonable with prices, and said he also charges $55 for small dogs. I am not sure how good he is, so I hope I can trust him. Has anyone used him? or know of him? Also has anyone thought of a name to name our baby?

Texas Rustlers
06-16-06, 02:19 am
I will check with Peggy tomorrow at HSNT and see about the mother piggy that the woman dropped off. Did you or your friend see any other small animals there that were in need of rescue / adoption?

I have not heard of the vet you are using but would ask them the questions that Teresa has posted on her website www.cavyspirit.com (http://www.cavyspirit.com) regarding neutering, so that you may ascertain as to whether they have much experience. If they don't, then do not use them.

06-16-06, 08:35 am
I am very glad that you adopted the piggy! I suppose I should be more careful of making assumptions!

I would be careful about the vet and asking the right questions! The main concern I think with these guys is the type of anesthetic they use, definately ask for more information, if you have any doubts, I have heard that T.R. uses a vet that is rather inexpensive and had a good reputation!

Take care;

Texas Rustlers
06-16-06, 01:10 pm
Checked with Peggy at HSNT to see if the mummy pig needed to be rescued and this is her e-mail reply

'Hmmm, we didn't get a Piggy or do any bunny adoptions yesterday'

06-16-06, 02:38 pm
There was a mother GP and a baby.
Well where did the mom go?

06-16-06, 11:51 pm
First of all, why are you writing a reply as if I am lying about where I had gotten her. Second of all, why are you even checking up on her. If you had viewed my reply, the mother gp and the baby were being dropped off and we had asked the woman who was giving them up if we could have them before she could relenquish the pigs. I know I adopted a bunny and had gotten a baby piggie from them, if I need to clarify and prove to you that I infact adopted an animal yesterday from a bonified shelter then I have no problem producing the paperwork and a reciept. I did not know I was under an investigation. As for the mother pig, she is with my neighbor, her name is Stephanie, would you like her phone number? You should be happy that I had adopted and took a bunny and a Gp off the streets and not let them go into the trash like my other GP previous owner had done, would you also like the names and phone numbers of the previous owners of my other 2 Guinea pigs, or can I sleep tonight knowing that I will not be investigated?

06-16-06, 11:58 pm
Oh yes, let me also get this off my chest, since I am being interegated about why, when, where I adopted. I was planning on adopting from the Texas Rustlers and giving a GP a loving and good home that they deserve, now I am happy to say that I did not come to you. I understand you have the GP's interests at heart, but why and since I did not adopt from you are you investigating the truth to my adoption, are you upset because I did not adopt from you? Why not call the Humane Society and send them out to my home to see how good of a condition and how spoiled and well taken care all of my animals are, you have my address, I did fill out your pre-application. Or maybe you yourself would like to come out and view my documents, home, cages, condition, vet references, ect. Just let me know if you would like to come, My home is open to you and your detectives.
I joined this site to share my stories and to brag about my piggies, also to get information about making cages and caring for my piggies, but if I have to deal with people like Texas Rustlers and their bitterness, then I just as soon not be a member. Sorry moderator if I am being harsh, but I say what is in my heart and on my mind.

06-17-06, 01:30 am
Drop the attitude please. Texas simply said that he/she called HSNT to see if there were more small furries that needed adoption. Maybe it is all a misunderstanding and Peggy didn't know there was a bunny adopted or maybe the day was wrong. If the pigs were exchanged in the parking lot then the rescue wouldn't have record of these pigs since they were not placed into their hands. You aren't under investigation by anyone and you are jumping to major conclusions. I hope that you and Texas can hash this out like mature adults and not get snarky attitudes.

Sorry moderator if I am being harsh, but I say what is in my heart and on my mind.So do I.

Texas Rustlers
06-17-06, 01:38 am
I am very happy you did post here, you really were not being investigated, your stories confused people because they were inconsistent, so people asked you questions. Now you have got yourself in a mess you become defensive.

I am happy especially that you posted here, because your application to adopt from us stated that you only had 1 Guinea Pig, a female and you wanted to find her a baby friend. There was no mention of the un-neutered male piggy that you have; Had you not told the world about him here, I would have been none the wiser and may even have adopted another female to you.

You have obviously put the original two together at some point, otherwise how would you know they didn't get on. I also suspect that had you continued to post here, you would have had one of those accidental pregnancies that you needed help with.

Also speculative here, but I would guess you got the two animals from a petstore. The facts that make me think this are and as you present them:

You bought a baby guinea pig and adopted a baby rabbit

Then you changed it to you adopted a piggy and a bunny from a shelter (on Lancaster which is HSNT) You stated that you called the shelter and they had baby rabbits and piggies (but they do not have baby guinea pigs and haven't for some time)

Then you changed it to you intercepted a woman on the parking lot and 'adopted' the baby from her but adopted the rabbit from the shelter. (The shelter in question did not adopt any rabbits yesterday)

Now I am not sure what you are saying

We are really not mean or malicious people, we want people to tell the truth, take care of the piggies, not to breed and not to buy from pet stores, is that really too much to ask?

06-17-06, 02:55 pm
I have never bought an animal from a pet store and nor would I ever. The only things I buy from pet stores are pet supplies. When I filled out your paperwork I did not have lamby at that time, my best friend and neighbor, Stephanie, had him. She had given me lamby because she knew I was looking for a companion for my honey bee. When we placed lamby and honey in my huge garden tub to introduce them, they did not get along. I did not realize lamby was not neutered until I took honey and lamby to get their nails clipped, that was on wednesday at the vet on parkrow and bowen street in Arlington. Once I found out lamby was not neutered, I called around to see who I could find that was cheaper than my regular vet. I found the vet on collins street for $55.00. As far as buying them from a pet store and you being speculative, you are wrong, I am Nigerian, and though my wording is not so great. I am happy to scan my paperwork and send it, or post it on a website for the world to see that I am not a story teller. Yes I did call the shelter, No they did not have pigs, but did have rabbits, Yes we did go to that shelter because my friend wanted a rabbit. After I had specifically wrote about the woman in the parking lot giving us the mother and the baby, and wrote my friend took the mother, you took it upon yourself to call anyway. You could have clearly read that my friend had the mother, but you wanted to investigate anyway. Good for you to take it upon yourself to find the truths, although in my case you will not uncover anything, because there is nothing to uncover. You yourself had said you are not malicious people, and want people to tell the truth, take care of piggies and not breed or buy from a pet store. Then please know that I did infact adopt, maybe I need to pay attention to how I phrase my words, But being from Nigeria, we word thing differently so sometimes my phrasing may be confusing. I do know english, and have been speaking english since birth. As far as my pets, they are well taken care of, so please rest assured that they are in great hands and will never see the inside of a shelter or petstore, or worse yet being breed. I do not or will never have any intention of breeding. Lamby's vet appointment is on monday, if anyone would like the number to that particular vet for future use on low cost neutering, I will be happy to send it to you.
Thank you for your concern, but my piggies are fine, and will be well taken care of, and that is all that matters.

06-17-06, 03:03 pm
Texas Rustlers,
Also you should be watching out on Dfwpetfinders Yahoo group. People are always trying to find and give away pigs on there, also gerbils, hampsters, and other animals. I had found lamby on that site, That is how stephanie and I had met, we did not realize we lived a few homes from each other in the same community. She also has 3 gerbils she is wanting to get rid of, if you take gerbils. I do not know if you belong to any of the freecycle groups for the dfw area, but you may want to concider it, they are always posting small animals, and piggies for free. I do not like the idea of giving a pet away for free, you never know who will take it for snake food, or feed it to their other animals. Please do some investigating of the groups, thanks.