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06-14-06, 08:41 pm
I'm thinking about getting a few piggies and was wondering about the coroplast as I'm not sure on the type of material it is. How do you clean it? Do you change it every so often? It doesn't leak when it gets urinated on?
Is it kinda like that plastic cardboard?

06-14-06, 09:00 pm
Coroplast is actually insanely easy to clean and is very, very durable (as far as things like urin and other liquids). Though i'm sure that eventually you'd have to change it, but that wouldn't be for a very, very long time. It doesn't leak or absorb any of the the liquids, it's kinda a godsend. hehe

06-14-06, 09:22 pm
Yes it is just like plastic cardboard. It even has the grooves in it like cardboard does making it easy to cut your cage nice and straight.

It is waterproof and very durable. You just wipe it down with vinegar and water to kill the germs when you clean your cage. Very simple, low maintence, cheap to buy ( I do highly recommend the 6mm over the 4mm though, worth the extra money), and can withstand everyday use with ease.

Dr Doughnut
06-15-06, 07:58 pm
Ditto to WEAVER. It is not EXACTLY corrugated the same way, however. Its actually not wavy, but more like blocks.

06-15-06, 08:02 pm
Coroplast is basicly plastic cardboard; Corogated plastic. Cleaning it is as easy as wiping down a counter.

06-16-06, 03:07 pm
I fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and water and use that to clean all of my cages. It works awesome and is safe for our piggers! I actually use this mixture to clean my whole house. The vinegar smell goes away very quickly!

06-16-06, 03:26 pm
I find sometimes a buildup can occur that is almost like cement on the coroplast, rubbing it down with some plain steel wool very easily removes it.

06-20-06, 11:34 pm
Was also worried about cleaning the coroplast so I put some puppy training pads under the bedding to absorb the urine.

Percy's Mom
06-21-06, 07:28 am
I do exactly the same as SkinnyPiggys for my cleanup. 1/2 white vinegar, 1/2 water in a spray bottle. It kills all the germs, gets rid of most stains, and is safe unlike most chemicals. If you get a really bad stain, you can use straight vinegar. I also have a couple of plastic scrapers that I picked up in the paint department at WalMart to scrape bits off the plastic. It works great.

06-23-06, 11:26 pm
thanks for all the info....I've built my 2X3 cage with a balcony and in 2 weeks I'm getting 2 beautiful pigs from the spca!! Pics to follow soon!!