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06-13-06, 07:57 pm
I decided, all by myself, believe it or not, to become a vegitarian at the age of 3!
And even before that I hardly ever ate meat. Yay me!!!
I want to slowly become partly vegan. Ya know, switch to Soy milk, but still eat ice cream?
Any ideas?
Thanks SO much, everyone!
P.S. I have seen all those videos of slaughter houses. The words "slaughter", "laboratory", "cruelty", and many more sicken me.

06-13-06, 09:07 pm
There are many brands of soy ice cream available. Why pick and choose what you want to eat? I would think that "partly vegan" really doesn't mean vegan at all?

06-13-06, 09:35 pm
Well, what I meant by that was just cut out most animal products from my diet...

06-18-06, 02:43 pm
Well every little helps, however you can't be partly vegan. The term vegan is used to describe someone who eats no animal flesh, animal by-products, produce or anything that involves an animal in anyway. Not wearing leather or eating honey etc.
Even if you cut out milk you will still be a vegetarian. They do many alternatives to dairy ice cream if you shop around and find some you like.

06-18-06, 02:54 pm
Could you explain why honey is not allowed on a vegan diet? Honey is produced by bees. How is there any cruelty in that? Not trying to be a smart---, but I don't understand.

06-18-06, 03:14 pm
Suzilovespiggie: Honey is essentially used by bees to store and use in winter months. They collect it all year round and it is their sole source of nutrition in cold weather and other times when alternative food sources are not available.

When bee keepers remove the hive for short period of time to gather the honey, they are taking away their food source that they need to survive. Bees are also inadvertantely killed, injured and squashed in the removal process. Lastly we are enslaving the bees to make profit. Its similar to dairy farming. We are supporting people who are essentially using and abusing an animal to gain money. The honey is not ours it is the bees. Bee keepers also kill the queen bee and replace her with an artificially inseminated queen.

There are many other injustices done to honey bees by humans in the honey industry. See this link for more information: http://www.vegetus.org/honey/honey.htm

x.n.d.x:Start off small. Buying clothing materials that dont use animal by products, you can buy light soy milk, soy cheese from organic health food stores or in the tofu section of your supermarket. Look at ingrediant lists and if it contains dairy opt for a non dairy product thats similar.

These links may help you: http://www.vegsoc.org/health/

06-19-06, 04:50 am
x.n.d.x-I think that the term for avegetarian who eats very little dairy or eggs could be caled a strict vegetarian. That's what I am, I only eat food that have a tiny bit of dairy or eggs, like baked goods. I think that going to a party and refusing the cake just because it has eggs in it doesn't make much sense. The cake would be made even if you didn't eat some of it, so why not? I do try to mke my cooking vegan, though.
Dd you know that there's such a thing as soy ice cream? It's really good! The best brand is Purely Decadent, which you can find in Whole Foods. It has all the normal ice cream flavors, like Rocky Road, Vanilla, Chocolate, and even some unusual ones like chocolate pecan brownie and peant butter swirl.

06-19-06, 08:17 am
I know this is a silly question, but it kind of goes along with the whole honey thing. Do vegans wear wool? I mean, it doesn't hurt the sheep to be sheared, but the whole thing with simply having the sheep to make a profit... Thanks.

06-19-06, 08:42 am
No, I don't think vegans wear wool, as it comes from a sheep.

06-19-06, 09:31 am
Briefly, sheep are not kept in good conditions.

They are also bred so that their skin grows in folds - therefore there is more wool to sheer - ie. more money to be made from each sheep. As you can imagine, it can get quite unpleasant between the folds of skin - hot, sweaty and sore. Flies lay their eggs in the folds where infection sets in, and the maggots then eat the flesh. Not nice for the sheep.

This is one reason vegans wont wear wool - I imagine there are others...

06-19-06, 09:41 am
I imagined as such. Thanks!

06-20-06, 02:26 am
Thank you Fluffball. I had no idea. No-more honey.