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06-13-06, 04:33 pm
Just a quick introduction-I am a first time cavy owner and just adopted 2 babys from the local Humane Society. I did go home with just one little boy and ended up going back for the brother. They were the only two the mom had and after reading all of the wonderful information on this site I couldn't keep them separated. So far I do have a store bought cage but will be upgrading for the little guys in the next couple of weeks. They babies were born on 5/7/06 and are getting along wonderfully. I'm sure they will be even happier once they have more space. I have learned so much from this web site and appreciate all of the information provided.

Percy's Mom
06-13-06, 04:38 pm
Sounds like you're off to a great start, adopting your first piggies right off the bat. Good for you! I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information to help you give your boys a great life.

As soon as you're able we definitely want to see pigtures!

06-13-06, 05:27 pm
Welcome to the forums.

06-15-06, 10:46 pm
Welcome to the forum. Isn't there some wonderful information here. I am especially happy to see the firm stand on rescues and not breeding here.

06-16-06, 02:17 pm
Hi there, I am new here too, but I have 12 piggies, glad to hear you kept the wee men together, do they have names?

06-16-06, 02:20 pm
They do their names are Lenny and Squiggy.

06-16-06, 02:32 pm
2piggymom I love the names. Brings back fun memories.
Since you got them from the humane society go ahead and make a vet check up for good measure. Many reasons. Mainly you want to make sure they are in fact both boys! A clean bill of health is a good start too.
Welcome to the group.

06-16-06, 02:42 pm
jdomans- I love the names too. I suggested it and my kids actually picked the names becuase they liked them...they have no idea who Lenny and Squiggy really are but my friends get a kick out of it. They boht have had a check up and all is well. Luckly the "foster mom" who owns quite a few piggys her self was the one I got to speak with at the shelter. The piggys mom was surrendered to the shelter pregnant, so she was sent home with the "foster mom" until she had her babies and the babies were old enouh to be adopted. They got a great start with someone who actually knew what they were doing, and their 'foster mommy" was nice enough to give me baby pictures of them at just a few days old. I got very lucky with this adoption.

Percy's Mom
06-16-06, 04:49 pm
You got amazingly lucky with your adoption experience. That's wonderful! Don't forget we want to see pigtures of your little men too!

06-19-06, 01:22 pm
I won't forget...I'll get them up soon! :)